Wednesday: Onto the quarters in singles and semis in doubles

Today started early with a 7:30 warm up and a 9am match. I played Helen Webb (though for some reason her name appears as Helen Shea in some spots) from Australia. She has a big forehand and a great forehand volley. It was very windy, which helped me in the beginning, as I adjusted to it better than she did and it affected her attacking game. I won 61 62 but it took over an hour and a half. Our points and games were hard fought. I play Elna Botha from So Africa next, another player I’ve never been on the court with. We play tomorrow at 11.

Helen Webb, Carolyn NIchols

On the court next to us, there was a lot of drama. A men’s consolation match, in the 55s I think, was being played and there were controversies from the getgo…one of the players, either from Poland or Russia, spoke no English, or Turkish, only a little German…and the other player was a calm Indian player. The referee was on the court constantly to correct line calls and at the end to correct the score. It was frustrating for the referee because the one guy was really upset and couldn’t communicate…and probably should have been defaulted for arguing when told to play. I think the Indian man won in the end though…see the photos below.

angry player guy arguing with referee


Later in the day Pat Purcell and I played our first doubles match, against a South African pair, Jenny Cerff and Sharon Van der Schyff. The first set was pretty close, but we ended up winning 64 62. It was still pretty windy which made overheads and volleys tricky. And then there are always those interesting red clay bounces, off the lines and off clods of clay on the court. We play a Brazilian pair next, the #2 seeds at 2pm tomorrow.

pat can sharon jenny


A lot of Americans were in action today; Danny Waldman upset the #1 seed, Paul French, 75 in the third but Mark Vines went out today in the round of 16. He was the defending champion, but is still in the doubles with Wes Cash. Mike Tammen won singles and doubles (with Danny); Fran Chandler won in three sets; Susan, Diane and Tina all won today and Susan plays Ros Balodis tomorrow, a big match; Patricia Zerdan is into the semis in the 35 singles; Ross Duncan went out to the #5 seed who played #1 on the German team; Mary Dailey is in the 45 doubles qf and 50 mixed; Carolina and Ross are in 35 mixed and Patricia and Max King are in the 35 mixed.

The blogger, Bill Moss, lost today to the #8 seed in a tough 2-setter. He had another story…he was shopping at the market nearby, then went to a restaurant to order some Turkish bread and a beer. When he was ready to pay he discovered he’d left his wallet at the market. In a panic, he broke his PR running back to the market…and it was safe and sound. He said he tried to tip the proprietor but she was almost insulted by the thought that she’d let anyone take the wallet!

I’m also including a few photos of the Ali Bey buildings and fountains; the fountains weren’t up and running till a day or two ago and the teacup fountains are unique.

Bldg 4 blue fountain inside courtyard of bldg 4 teacup fountain further away

ITF Article about today’s play.

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  1. Thanks for the blow by blow descriptions of the matches in your court and beyond. Tennis is fun, fun, fun, right? Guess you gotta be close to leaving the planet to relax and enjoy! Congrats to all the US gals heading for the gold, and loved seeing those colorful fountains up and running. Still, guess no body stays up late to watch the shows??? Have fun and good luck. rita

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