Monte Carlo Open Monday

Things I learned

  • Get to site early, at least by 10 am to watch practice and before grounds are packed
  • If you want to watch a match on Ct 9 get there during the previous match.
  • Keep your paper ticket all day..I did but others did not. As I left I gave mine to a woman who had left her ticket somewhere, my good deed for the day.
  • Wear comfy sneakers..I saw no one wearing sandals or flip flops. People were dressed much better overall than in the USA! Even the sneakers, which most people wore,were mostly chic, about half were leather.
  • Ask for directions. Repeatedly. Till you get the lay of the land.
  • Be prepared to walk up and down steps all day, the venue is on a hill with practice cts at the top.
  • I saw almost no one eating inside the stadiums. Best to eat before you enter.
  • Food, drinks, backpacks, cameras can all be brought in to venue, but no metal cans of drinks etc, only plastic.
  • Bring water, there are no refill stations.
  • It’s super crowded from late morning on. Better to arrive and depart early
  • You have to buy a ticket to one of 2 main stadiums. Get one in the 2nd stadium close to players at least for first few days.
  • People were dressed much better overall than in the USA! Even their sneakers were mostly chic, about half were leather.
  • The front of the club is in France and Uber will pick up there ( but not in Monaco)

I did watch some players practicing Monday, especially Sinner but also saw Dimitrov, Novak, and doubles players.

Entrance to MCCC, Novak and other players practicing
Dimitrov, Sinner and More

After watching the practices, I watched Cressy/Berrettini (Cressy was funneling his inner Sabalenka, with 9 double faults in the first set alone) and then Murray/De Minaur (De Minaur was brilliant with forehand drops, moved well and outrallied Murray, who gave his opponent too much time).

Murray and De Minaur
Cressy and Berrettini

After watching Murray, I tried to watch some doubles on Ct 9 with Fritz/Rune, but could not get in, tried to watch Thiem/Gasquet, too long a line waiting out the first 3 games, and it was getting late, so I left

I had a nice time at the Monte Carlo Open..hope to see more of Monaco next time.

Saw this on my way home.

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