Munich, Munchen, Sunday Vibes

June 16, 2019

Munich, Germany

I arrived late in Munich after a longer than expected train ride (the train stopped for about half an hour just before my stop…but the ride was pleasant, and parts were beautiful, especially passing along the Gastein valley west of Villach.

Sundays in Bavaria are pretty quiet. Some restaurants are open, and shops in the train stations and airport, but otherwise shops and grocery stores are all closed. I knew this, so took my time over breakfast and hit the gym and laundry. Late morning I decided to walk towards Marienplatz, where the famous Glockenspiel above the Rathaus are located, to do some window shopping and I had visions of biking in the English Gardens. It turned out to be a nice day for a lot of walking, mild and only a few drops of rain.

On my way to Marienplatz I walked by the huge Deutsches Museum. I consulted with my friend Google and decided to go in. There was a long ticket line. Google was consulted again, I found the website for the museum and quickly bought a ticket (this is my travel tip for the day…if you are spontaneously visiting an attraction and the line is long, first try to buy a ticket on your smart phone). Minutes later I was walking in the door and my online ticket was scanned with no problem.

What is the Deutsches Museum? Well, it’s huge, and it’s a science and technology museum. Though actually there’s not a lot of technology…they could have more modern displays. But it covered a lot, from astronomy to glass making to sun dials to the history of flight to submarines (it was a bit eerie seeing a U-Boat submarine…do not go on a submarine if you have any issues with claustrophobia…or are not svelte.). The history of flight was interesting…there’s that Samuel Beckett saying which Stan Wawrinka has tattooed onto his arm: “Ever tried. Ever failed. No Matter. Try again.” which applies to flying. So many people tried to build airplanes before the Wright Brothers succeeded and they all looked so dicey, some lost their lives, humans didn’t give up.

After a few hours in the museum, I reached the market and then Marienplatz and found all the tourists, German and otherwise. There was a big stage in the plaza and music, lots of drinking and wursts around. I got some beautiful strawberries, and did some window shopping. (Tomorrow it won’t be just “window” shopping I fear.)

After walking around the area, I walked back to my hotel. I walked by a marijuana store which was amusingly (to me anyway) situated next to a chocolates store. Both were closed. I also walked by a sign for the Bier Oktoberfest Museum and peered down the street…yup, there it was! Till tomorrow…

Guten abend.

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