Biking Around the Wörthersee

June 15, 2019

While on the train to Munich..(highly recommended, beautiful scenery, especially from a Poertschach to Salzburg).

Today I biked around the Wörthersee. The lake is about 10 x 2 miles, though I biked a bit further since I backtracked at one point. Much of the ride has bike lanes or sidewalks and most drivers go pretty slowly.

Poertschach to Klagenfurt is all via a wide bike trail and mostly downhill. I meandered as I was stopping frequently to take photos. I passed at least 3 small red clay clubs. There were a lot of sailboats out on the lake.

In Klagenfurt I veered away from the lake and ended up going in circles partly thanks to google maps (I asked for directions to Velden after losing sight of the lake and it sent me back the way I’d come).

Once I corrected purse I biked on towards Maria Worth, a small village with a pretty church and cemetery. I had a quiet picnic lunch by the sea, then headed back towards Velden at the opposite end of the lake from Poertschach. As I was finishing lunch some large tour buses invaded the small town so I skipped visiting the church again.

A sports car passed me, a Lamborghini I think, then a few miles on there was the sports car ( whether the cause or a witness or Good Samaritan I don’t know) and other cars, and a woman on the ground. The car passed me again before I got to Velden. The Maria Worth side of the lake has only intermittent bike lanes so drivers and bikers (and there were a lot of them) need to be careful.

In Velden it was very crowded as some sort of concourse was going on.. I saw many Maseratis, Lamborghinis, some Ferrari’s, and a few loud muscle cars.

After a stop for ice cream, I headed back for the short leg (mostly downhill too) to Poertschach where I watched the 35 mixed final, then caught my train.

It was a nice 2 weeks at the Wörthersee but I am ready to move on.

And that’s a wrap on the Werzer Cup and European Seniors Championships.

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