Naples Day 1: HOT!

I know those of you reading this from northern climes may not sympathize, but heat that sent at least one player to the hospital is nothing to take lightly. Carol Gay from San Diego ended up retiring against Mary Alice Pisani  (NorCal) down 2/0 in the deciding set. It was shortly after noon when the ambulance and paramedics arrived and took Carol away on a stretcher. She was suffering from the heat and cramping. . However, she’s much better now and back from the hospital after IVs. Carol Gay shown below in cooler conditions.

Another very long match took place between Carolann Castell from Seattle and Rosi Fortna from Florida. It was a morning match (someone said 9:30 but I’m not sure), and they just split after 1pm! Castell finally won 26 75 62. Match of the day.

All of the seeds are in action in singles and doubles tomorrow in the 60/70/80 and most of the seeds are in action in the 50s.

The weather now is looking pretty windy and stormy out but the rest of the week looks warm but not too wet.

We play tomorrow (finally!) at 4:30 pm EDT. I tuned up with a short but excellent massage from Joann (pink shirt). Carol Clay and Susan Wright are all smiles…Carol won her match today!

Photos are here.

Draws are here:

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