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  • Rain in the Sunshine State: Fort Lauderdale ITF Grade 1/USTA Super Cat II Day 3, Friday

    Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

    The forecast for today was for rain and the prediction was correct…it poured most of the morning in Fort Lauderdale. An hour north it also rained hard but stopped an hour or two earlier. All the rain meant no matches started till 3:30pm.

    I warmed up in Palm Beach Gardens and then drove down, arriving just as the tournament decided to postpone the 65 singles till tomorrow, which, given that we were in the semis and the tournament ends on Friday was a good decision. It did mean I drove about 2.5 hours unnecessarily, but it wasn’t rush hour either way, it happens. The 85s final was also postponed, as were (I believe) the 55 semis.

    But there was tennis. The 55 singles quarters were all played and in a “Groundhog Day” match, Jenny Klitch beat Susan Love 64 62 in a match that was very similar to their second round encounter from last week. Same opponents, same score. All four seeds advanced, Klitch to play Yvette Kruger and Shelly Works to play Simone Vasconcellas of Brazil.

    The 75s did play their semis, with Betty Wachob beating Sheila Weinstock and Carolann Castell upsetting #2 seeded Sue Kimball.

    The draws aren’t posted right now but results are available here.

  • Fort Lauderdale ITF Grade 1/USTA Super Cat II, Jabour Cup Day 2, Thursday

    Palm Beach Gardens, FL

    On a warm (80s), windy, humid day, most players were in action in the 55/65/75 & 85 divisions. In singles the upsets were hard to come by but in 55 doubles, Susan Boyer (back from a two year hiatus) and Susan Love (back from a hiatus as well) combined perfectly to pick off the #4 seeds, Tina Karwasky and Jan Kirkland-Cochran in the round of 16. Karwasky/Kirkland-Cochran though had no problems advancing in the 65s, where they are in the quarters.

    All the singles seeds advanced in the 55 & 65s without drama. In the 75s, Ann Hunt defaulted to Sheila Weinstock, her doubles partner, the other three seeds advanced. Sue Kimball and Betty Wachob are the 2nd and 1st seeds, age ups this year.

    The 85s final is set between Lucille Kyvallos (who fell, tweaked her ankle and skinned her elbow…and won nonetheless over Esther Williams; she faces Burnett Herrick who weathered a stern test from Judy Smith in the second set but prevailed 62 75.

    In 65 doubles, Kathy Foulk/Lil Pelt-Petow had to default due to injury; the remaining seeds progressed. The seeds in the grass 75s also advanced.

    All results are here.

    I will post some photos by Saturday.

  • Fort Lauderdale (Jabour) ITF Grade 1/USTA Super Cat II Women’s Tennis: Day 1

    Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

    In 2020 the USTA scheduled the Palm Beach Gardens (for even age divisions) and Fort Lauderdale (for odd age divisions) back to back. The Fort Lauderdale tournament began today at the Lauderdale Tennis Club, an old fashioned, tennis-centric club surrounded by condominium buildings named for historic tennis players (Lenglen, Tildon etc.).

    This week I’m playing my first 65s tournament. Last year I played the 55s, so I keep looking for my name in the 55s…it’s not there this year, though Shelly Works, the woman I played in the final is the second seed again this year. (Jenny Klitch is the top seed.)

    I played Miriam Morey from North Carolina. She’s a professor at Duke in NC ( From the Duke website: “The general focus of Dr. Morey’s work is exercise and aging. All of her research examines how physical activity, exercise training, or physical fitness influence”). Miram plays at the same club where Wendy McColskey, the #2 seed here is a member. She’s a quick counterpuncher, and after adjusting to the wind we had some good rallies but I came out ahead. I play Helga Immerfall next in the quarters.

    There were no close matches in the 65s and all the seeds won. The seeds in other singles divisions had byes and in doubles, the seeds are playing tomorrow for the most part.

    The 85s draw, though only 6 players, is quite strong with Burnett Herrick, Judy Smith, Lucille Kyvallos, Margaret Canby, Esther Williams and Laurie Leach all playing. Smith beat Canby and Williams beat Leach today. All are enthusiastic about the thought of the ITF holding the Women’s 85 Cup in Mallorca this fall.

    Draws can be found here: https://tennislink.usta.com/Tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=245910#&&s=7Draws13

  • Quarterfinal Day at the USTA National Women’s 50-90 Hard Courts

    There were a lot of great matches at the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club today in La Jolla, CA.

    In the 50s, Kristen Kepler edged #4 seeded Anna Zimmermann in three sets, a reversal of their result last month on clay. La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club member, and an altogether great person (I mean, her nickname is “Bubbles” because of her bubble personality…she’s never met a stranger), Jenny Rens Keller upset #3 seeded Michelle Saunders 62 46 61; in the second set Jenny stopped attacking but she rectified that in the third. She joins her doubles partner Jen Dawson, and Andrea Rice in the semis.

    Rice/Zimmermann lost the first set to Krista Oconnor/Lisa Traylor before rallying for the win; Oconnor/Traylor play together a lot whereas it’s Rice/Zimmermann’s first tournament together. They face Deb Higa/Jennifer Lyons in one semi while Abbi Neuthaler/Kepler take on Dawson/Keller.

    In the 60s, the match of the day was that between Tina Karwasky and Cindy Johnson. Johnson quickly won the first set 60 and seemed on the way to a straight set win, leading 3-0 in the second; but Karwasky, the consummate professional, fought back strongly, forcing a third set, which was tight all the way. Johnson prevailed 64, using all of the court to earn the win. Kathy Vick played a good first set, and lead 5-3 but came up just short against Susan Wright, 5-7; Susan played a flawless second set winning it 60. Shannon Gordon Carney outplayed Colleen Ferrell Clery 61 62 and I beat Erin Boynton in a tough match (the score doesn’t reflect the quality of the points and games) 62 62. I play Shannon tomorrow.

    In doubles, Johnson was also involved in the match of the day. She teamed with Vick to take on Una Davis/Tracey Thompson. Johnson/Vick won the first set 62 and seemed on the cusp of victory after rallying from 3-5 down in the second to level it at 5-5, but Davis/Thompson relaxed, changed their strategy a bit and won 26 75 61. Robin Harris and I won 60 60; Wright/Gordon Carney won a tough match against Karwasky/Carolyn Lane 64 76 and Boynton/Neuthaler beat Sherri Bronson/Kim Dean.

    In the 70s, Carol Gay of San Diego blitzed Ann Loose (who played consecutive 3-set singles the past 2 days) 60 60; Judy Dixon won in straight sets; Molly Hahn overcame a set deficit to beat Mary Alice Pisani and Sue Kimball also rallied from a set down to beat Barbara Hubbard. In doubles, the top four seeds advanced; only Gay/Sheila Johnson dropped a set (to Diana Kitt/Pisani).

    In the 80s, Lorna Brooks knocked off Dorothy Matthiessen 63 60 to set up an interesting semi with Burnett Herrick. Carol Wood beat Kathie Meyering in a first time meeting and faces Dorothy Wasser next.

    In doubles, all four seeds prevailed though Tietz/Wood and O’Sullivan/Oldfield had tough three set wins to reach the semis; they face each other tomorrow. Wasser/Herrick beat Palmer/Brooks and take on Giacommini/Matthiessen in the semis.

    Lutz and Price sailed past Sally Fuller/Joyce Vanderpol; both Joyce and Sally had very long three setters yesterday.

    All draws and results are here.

    Monday round up

    Tuesday round up.

    Live cam for court 2 here.

  • Todo, Cass, Barker, Novack, & Weber Win Singles Gold at National Clay Courts

    Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

    Mika Todo of Japan won the 40 singles in Palm Beach Gardens on Saturday, beating top-seeded Lizl Kotz in the final in straight sets. However, Kotz won the gold in singles, combining with Tabatha Waddell to win the three team round robin.

    Julie Cass put on a masterful display of attacking tennis to win the 50 singles, beating Jenny Klitch 64 62 in the final. The rallies were fantastic, but Cass controlled enough of them to finish victorious on a windy, warm day. Klitch and Andrea Rice though earned the doubles gold, beating Cass/Vesna McKenna to take the doubles gold. Alissa Finerman/Natalie Herreman won the doubles bronze and Rice beat McKenna for the singles bronze.

    Diane Barker beat me 63 64 to win the 60 singles for the third straight year. It was a pretty good match, but she stayed on track with her aggressive play. Susan Wright beat Kathy Vick 61 61 to win the bronze. Ligia Bottinelli won her first gold ball, combining with Pat Purcell to win the 60 doubles over Susan Wright and me. They stayed aggressive throughout the match, winning 64 76. Kris McDonald/Kathy Zanon won the bronze in three sets, and were the last match finished for the second day in a row.

    Toni Novack used her dropshot and guile well to beat Judy Dixon in a tight two-setter to win her FIRST singles gold ball. They have both been playing great tennis all year. Dixon didn’t go home though without some gold, winning every doubles match, with Vicky McEvoy convincingly. In the final they beat Donna Fales/Betty Wachob. Neither bronze ball match was played in the 70s; Brenda Winstead won the singles bronze by default and Molly Hahn/Sue Kimball took the doubles bronze (both playoffs involved Gwenda Ward, who was injured).

    Inge Weber beat Dori DeVries to take the 80s gold; Dorothy Wasser beat Lola O’Sullivan for the singles bronze. Wasser/Weber won the 80s doubles round robin and Carol Wood/Burnett Herrick were finalists.

    Draws are here.

    Day 1 blog

    Day 2 blog

    Day 3 blog

    Day 4 blog

    Photos (contributed by Kathy Foulk and others)

  • Fort Lauderdale Grandes Dames; ITF Grade 1; USTA Super Cat 2, Thursday

    The second of a series of four “Grandes Dames” Women’s tournaments is going on now in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and finishes Sunday. This year, in addition to USTA members earning USTA Super Cat II points, players with IPINs will earn ITF Grade 1 points. The tournament is sponsored by Lamita Jabour.

    The events being held are women’s 55/65/75 singles and doubles. 35/45/85 were on offer but not enough people entered to make a draw.

    In the 55s, the top three seeds won, Shelly Works, Terri Thompson and I won. MJ Pachl, the #4 seed played fellow Canadian Jeanie MacEarchen. MacEarchen looked to be on her way to a comfortable win, leading a set and 41, but MJ rallied to force a third and led 42 and 54, but MacEarchen stopped missing altogether and won 75 in the third.

    There were no upsets in doubles either.

    In the 65s, Becky Timmis, the 4th seed, had to fight hard to beat Miriam Morey in three tight sets…her reward is a semifinal meeting with Wendy McColskey. Sue Bramlette takes on Lil Peltz-Petow on the bottom half of the draw.

    In 65 doubles, all the matches were tight except for the McColskey’s who won 62 62. They face Bramlette/Kerry Young while Leprevost/Ann Stanley face the hyphenated team, Kirkland-Cochran/Peltz-Petow in the semis.

    The 75 singles semis are set with CarolAnn Castell to take on Cathie Anderson for the 2nd time this year already and Donna Fales will play Susanne Clark.

    The 75s doubles final will take place tomorrow: Anderson/Fales vs Castell/Delfausse.

    Draws are here.

    There’s a dinner tonight and there were free box lunches this afternoon. The weather was sunny, warm and breezy.

  • DeVries Wins 80s Battle; Lutz Takes 90 Crown at National Hard Courts

    Dori DeVries won a long battle against her friend and doubles partner Roz King to win the gold ball at the USTA National 80 Hard Courts Sunday. She battled back after dropping the first set 61 to win the final sets 64 76(5). The two played a month ago at the National Clay Courts where King won with the loss of only two games. Dori looked pretty down after that match and a bit perplexed, but obviously found another gear today. The duo won the doubles, beating Burnett Herrick/Dorothy Wasser to claim the title.

    Jane Lutz won her final round robin match to clinch the 90s title. Her toughest match was the first one, against Rita Price, which she won 75 in the third.

    In women’s 70s, there was another battle from behind to win. Carter/Wachob, the #2 seeds, lost to Bennett/Bryson 64 64 at the Clay. Here the second seeds reversed the outcome, winning 06 75 62.

    In 60 doubles, Robin Harris and I were up a set against Susan Wright/Tracey Thompson when it rained last night. Today we started at 9am and it was still a bit drizzly. We got started after a slight mist delay around 9:30 and won the 2nd set 63, even though I never held served the entire match! Robin though was only broken once today…no one else held serve. The conditions were heavy and slow. That and apparently we had stellar service returns! Robin played great and was everywhere on the court.

    There were quite a few consolation matches today and there are a few tomorrow in the 80s, but for me, that’s a wrap on this year’s national hard courts.

    Again, a sincere thank you to Bill Kellogg, Conan, Pierrette, Marilyn, Bob and the entire staff of the LJBTC, and to the Beach Club members for allowing this tournament to use all the courts.

    ◦ Court 1 matches are streamed here: https://www.ipcamlive.com/ljbtc

    ◦ Results can be found here: https://tennislink.usta.com/tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=205807#&&s=7Draws21

    ◦ Photos are here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/xE8s7qfPu3d6au33A

    ◦ Fans can tune-in to RadioTennis.com on Friday, May 11 at 9 a.m. to listen to live audio play-by-play of the day’s matches on Court No. 1. Tennis broadcaster Ken Thomas will provide the live web cast commentary at https://radiotennis.com/.

  • Nideffer, Wright, Carter Claim Hard Court Singles Crowns in La Jolla

    “May Gray” is a think in coastal California…when the fog off the ocean hangs onshore and it’s cool and misty (while being a toasty 100+ in the Desert). Today was a May Gray sort of day, highs and lows in the 60s, but breezier than normal and the sun absent. The weather was pretty good for playing tennis though and there was lots of action on the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club courts today.

    Ros Nideffer started off proceedings with a solid 64 64 win over Andrea Rice. Rice tried a lot of things…serving and volleying, slicing and dicing, driving to Ros’ forehand…Ros was largely able to dictate with her forehand and hit some fantastic volleys too. Shelly Works beat Michelle Saunders for the bronze, rallying from 1-4 down to win 64 60. Even from a distance I could see Shelly was determined to hit balls higher than Michelle’s comfort zone. Playing Shelly when tired is a tough ask.

    Susan Wright and Shannon Gordon Carney took the court next. Susan won 63 62 but Shannon impressed with her movement and solid game; Susan served great, hit the ball early and made few errors in winning the title for the second straight year. Tracey Thompson beat Leslie Murveit 62 62 for bronze.

    Nideffer and Debbie Spence Nasim played Jami Jones/Deb Higa in a rematch of last December’s 40s final and though the result was the same, with Ros/Debbie winning 63 62, the match featured some lengthy games and great rallies. Paulson/Rice won the bronze with a three set win over Hammargren/Lyons.

    By the time our match started on Court 1 it was after 3:30 and getting darker with a light mist. We won the first set 63, and then the mist turned to rain, and play was cancelled for the day around 5:30pm. We resume play at 9am tomorrow.  The 3/4 playoff between Tina Karwasky/Carolyn Lane and Una Davis/Colleen Ferrell was a topsy-turvy affair. Una/Colleen won the first set 63…and Tina/Carolyn promptly won the second 61. On to the third where Una and Colleen went up 5-1. I went to warm up for doubles…and came back and they were still playing…a tiebreak (and Tina/Carolyn had gone up 65 before Colleen held serve to level the set). Una and Colleen finally won the set 7-5 in the tiebreak to win the bronze for the second straight year.

    Brenda Carter avenged her loss to Molly Hahn at the Clay by beating her 75 64 (rallying from 1-4 down in the first set). Betty Wachob finally had a short match, beating Brenda Winstead 62 60 to take the bronze.

    The 70 doubles will be played tomorrow morning.

    The 80s finals are set for tomorrow: King vs DeVries and King/DeVries vs Herrick/Wasser.

    Jane Lutz/Rita Price won the round robin 90 doubles gold. The last round robin matches in 90 singles are tomorrow.

    I’ll add more photos tomorrow…have to get ready for an early match now!



  • Finals Set for Women’s 50/60/70 Singles & Doubles

    It was another gorgeous La Jolla day full of lots of great tennis from 8am to after 8pm. The finals are now set for most of the women’s divisions.

    In the 50s, Andrea Rice ended unseeded Michelle Saunders’ run and Ros Nideffer beat Shelly Works to book a date with Rice in the final tomorrow. In doubles, #2 seeds Debbie Higa/Jami Jones overcame a slow start to beat #3 seeded Ellie Hammargren/Jennifer Lyons 60 in the third. Debbie Spence Nasim/Ros Nideffer’s slow start consisted of dropping 2 games in the first set vs zero in the second against Paulson/Rice. It will be a rematch of the 40 Hard Court final from last December in the final. As I left, Newman/Prejeen were playing Works Zimmermann in a 5-8 playoff match at a little after 8:30. Works/Zimmermann finally won it 63 in the third. They face Lane/Karwasky who beat Oconnor/Traylor in three sets, finishing around 8:30.

    Susan Wright continued her stellar play in the 60s, beating #3 seeded Leslie Airola Murveit without dropping a game, while Shannon Gordon Carney showed no ill effects from her 7 hours on court yesterday, beaing #2 seeded Tracey Thompson 75 61 to reach her first national singles final. Thompson/Wright advanced to the doubles final, edging Una Davis/Colleen Clery Ferrell 75 64. Robin Harris and I beat Tina Karwasky/Carolyn Lane 63 62. Robin played terrific tennis (to the surprise of no one). The marathon match of the day in this division was in the quarterfinal playoff between Andrea Barnes and Sherri Bronson, finally won 76 in the third by Bronson.

    In the 70s Brenda Carter won the battle of the Brendas, beating Brenda Winstead to advance to the final. Molly Hahn finally ended Betty Wachob’s marathon run, beating her 75 75. This final will be a repeat of the clay final from three weeks ago in Naples, Florida. The doubles final will be a repeat of the semis at that event. Leona Bryson/Kathy Bennett beat Elizabeth Barnhill/Barbara Hubbard and Carter/Wachob showed no mercy on Carol Gay/Sheila Johnson.

    The 80s moved into the semis without upsets, other than that #4 Carol Wood defaulted her quarterfinal singles match due to injury and Dorothy Matthiessen retired up a set and down 43 to Burnette Herrick.

    Next report will probably be on Saturday morning. We play at 2:30. If on Court 1 you can stream it online.

  • National Hard Courts Day 3: Long Matches, Great Tennis

    Wednesday May 9, 2018

    La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club, La Jolla, CA

    The National Women’s Hard Courts continued on Wednesday, which was quarterfinal day for the women’s 50 & 60s. There were lots of long matches, great matches and a few upsets too.

    Betty Wachob won another grueling match today over Gwenda Ward, 61 57 76 (5)…the same score by which she beat Carolann Castell the day before. Luckily though her doubles was shorter…she combined with Brenda Carter to advance quickly to the semis.

    Shannon Gordon-Carney also won a three+ hour singles, upsetting #4 seeded Colleen Clery Ferrell, a local tennis director and fan favorite, 46 62 64. Her doubles though was also long and grueling, lasting over three hours against Clery Ferrell and Beach Club member Una Davis. Colleen and Una won it 67 (6) 63 64, finishing around 8:30 pm under lights. Colleen/Una had multiple set points in the first set before succumbing in the tiebreak and fought hard to win the second…points were lasting 10, 20, 30 shots even though Una and Colleen were at the net more often than not. Cindy Abel, Shannon’s partner, was just returning to national play after a long absence but was lobbing and moving as well as ever and Shannon, who played at UCLA, is a fine doubles player. The match was played in great spirit before an engaged crowd on Court 1.


    Shannon Cindy

    Colleen Una




    Una Davis

    In the 50s, Michele Saunders caused her second upset in a row, beating #4 seeded Alicia Rowley 76 57 63. With such long matches, it’s understandable why matches were backed up so long today! Saunders takes on Andrea Rice next while Shelly Works will face Ros Nideffer. Rice beat another Beach Club member and fan favorite, Jenny Rens in an entertaining match 64 64. Rice teamed with Paulson to upset the #4 seeds, Works/Anna Zimmermann in three sets to advance to the semis.


    Jenny Rens

    Jenny Rens

    Robin Harris and I beat Donna Drosner/Debbie Burgess 61 61 and take on Tina Karwasky/Carolyn Lane, who upset #4 seeds Andrea Barnes/Leslie Airola-Murveit 60 63. Colleen/Una face Tracey Thompson/Susan Wright on the other side of the draw.

    In the 70s, Brenda Winstead upset Mary Alice Pisani, the 4th seed 75 36 64. In doubles Carol Gay/Sheila Johnson ousted Molly Hahn/Suella Steel, the #3 seeds.


  • National Women’s Hard Court Nationals, La Jolla: Day 1

    The USTA National Women’s 50-90 Hard Courts are underway at the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club. For the first time, this tournament’s matches played on Court 1 will be streamed LIVE by going to https://www.ipcamlive.com/ljbtc. You won’t be able to smell the sea air but you will be able to see some great senior women’s (and later in the week, men’s) tennis.

    There were 30 teams in the women’s 50 doubles, and that division featured the match of the day: Carolyn Lane, returning to national play after a long hiatus/Tina Karwasky (who has never had a hiatus since hitting her first ball!) against Karen Ann Broe/Rainy Miller, two strong local players. Lane, from Arizona, adapted quickly to the much heavier sea air, and imposed herself on the match at critical times in each set, never allowing Broe/Miller to stretch a lead. Karwasky drilled returns to set up Lane; Miller was a wall especially on her returns and Broe served and volleyed beautifully. In the end Lane/Karwasky’s greater experience ruled, and they won 75 46 64 in a highly entertaining match on Court 3.

    Una Davis/Prentiss Van Den Berg a 5-8 seed, were upset by San Diegans Shelley Goodson/Karyn McCartney in 50 doubles. Una was happy to have made it to the courts at all because she thought her first match wasn’t till Tuesday.

    All draws and results can be found here.

    Below are some photos of a first round 50s match featuring club member Lucia Romanov Stark. You can see the court one camera (white) above the LJBTC logo.

  • Klitch, Rice, Barker, Hahn Claim National Singles Titles Saturday in Naples

    There were four singles finals on Saturday (Roz King claimed the 80s title on Friday). One match stood out though, which was the nearly two and a half hour battle between Susan Wright the #2 seed, and top seeded Diane Barker. It was a reprisal of the final of the world championships last year, and was another tight battle. Diane won the first set 64 but not before Susan rallied from 35 15-40. The second set went on serve (unusual in general in women’s tennis, let alone in the 60+ division) for the entire set with very few break points, though Susan did have a break point with Diane serving at 5-6, so also a set point. Diane played a brave point and eventually forced a tiebreak which she won 7-3, and with it another gold ball and national clay title.

    The 40s final was between Jenny Klitch and Lizl Kotz. Klitch had too much variety for Kotz, winning 61 61. The 50s final between Shelly Works and Andrea Rice was won 60 61 by Rice who played brilliantly. the 70s final was also one sided with Molly Hahn putting on a great display, slicing deep and attacking throughout to win 61 61 in her first national 70s final.

    There was no 40s doubles. The 50s doubles title was won by Klitch/Vesna McKenna 61 46 retired over Mary Dailey/Rice. (Rice had to catch a plane….matches started late on Saturday.)The 60s doubles was finished yesterday, won by Nichols/Wright. The 4th seeds, Kathy Bennett/Liane Bryson beat Hubbard/Watanabe to take the 70s 60 61. And the 80s finished yesterday, won by DeVries/King.

    There were also a lot of bronze ball matches. In 50 singles, Alicia Rowley edged McKenna 63 76. Rowley/Works won the doubles bronze too with a straight set win over Kruger/Waterlek. The 60s 3/4 playoff was won by Bunny Allare in three sets over Frances O’Sullivan. Jones/Neuthaler won the doubles bronze yesterday. Betty Wachob took bronze in 70 singles with a 63 60 win over Lesley Pixley and she took the 70 doubles bronze too with Carter over Carol Clay/Ellen Goodman in 3 sets. This match pretty much was the last of the tournament…it was nearly 3 hours long and ended around dinner time Saturday.

    The other interesting result was that between Toni Novack and Ellen Goodman who were playing for 5th in the 70s. Novack led 60 50 40-0, and made a wrong move, tried to stretch it out…and couldn’t so had to retire, leaving Goodman with the win. Never give up!

    Draws are here.

    Photos are here.

  • Hubbard/Watanabe Upset Top Seeds at National Clay

    On a breezy warm (but not oppressively hot) day in Naples, nearly all the seeds were in action, second round (round of 16 or quarters) matches were played and no one ended up at the hospital…all in all business as usual. (FYI, Carol Gay was recovered enough to visit the tournament site, though said she felt woozy still. She also said the ride to the hospital…strapped to a gurney and cramping…was something special, and not in a good way. But she will be ok in a few days she thinks.)

    Barbara Hubbard/Janet Watanabe (Jolene’s mom) upset Molly Hahn and Sue Kimball 76 (5) 63 today in the women’s 70s. It wasn’t Sue’s best day…she also dropped her singles match to Ellen Goodman 61 63 and in all fairness (though she didn’t complain about it), she was suffering from a calf strain. The better women on the day won. Mary Alice Pisani, who upset Carol Gay yesterday, continued her fine play into the quarters where she’ll face Betty Wachob. The other seeds advanced to the quarters including Toni Novack (below).

    In the 60s, Betsy Savitt edged #5 seeded Mary Morgan 64 76. Sally Smith played a great match to upset #6 seeded Sherri Bronson 60 63. The other seeds advanced.

    Dorothy Wasser showed she is more than a doubles specialist, taking the middle set off of #2 seeded Dori DeVries before fading in the third. King, Weber and Herrick, the last 3 world champions, all advanced as well to the semis.

    In the 50s, the three seeds in action, McKenna, Rice and Works, advanced without incident.

    In 50 doubles, McKenna/Klitch advanced to the semis while a round of 16 match has yet to be played.

    All four seeds advanced to the semis in the 60s doubles, though there were some tight first sets in a couple matches…Mosely/Smith stuck with #3 seeds Jones/Neuthaler for a set, before succumbing 76 62. Peltz-Petow/Savitt likewise were neck in neck with Purcell/Allare before falling 75 60. Susan and I beat Lesley  Pixley/Lee Roisman.

    In the 80s, top seeded Herrick/Wood edged Kathie Meyering/Jeanette Tubbs 46 75 62. They face either DeVries/King in the semis. Wasser/Weber, the #2 seeds, advanced to the semis.

    Photos are here.

    Draws are here: http://m.tennislink.usta.com/tournamenthome?T=212073

  • Naples Day 1: HOT!

    I know those of you reading this from northern climes may not sympathize, but heat that sent at least one player to the hospital is nothing to take lightly. Carol Gay from San Diego ended up retiring against Mary Alice Pisani  (NorCal) down 2/0 in the deciding set. It was shortly after noon when the ambulance and paramedics arrived and took Carol away on a stretcher. She was suffering from the heat and cramping. . However, she’s much better now and back from the hospital after IVs. Carol Gay shown below in cooler conditions.

    Another very long match took place between Carolann Castell from Seattle and Rosi Fortna from Florida. It was a morning match (someone said 9:30 but I’m not sure), and they just split after 1pm! Castell finally won 26 75 62. Match of the day.

    All of the seeds are in action in singles and doubles tomorrow in the 60/70/80 and most of the seeds are in action in the 50s.

    The weather now is looking pretty windy and stormy out but the rest of the week looks warm but not too wet.

    We play tomorrow (finally!) at 4:30 pm EDT. I tuned up with a short but excellent massage from Joann (pink shirt). Carol Clay and Susan Wright are all smiles…Carol won her match today!

    Photos are here.

    Draws are here: http://m.tennislink.usta.com/tournamenthome?T=212073

  • Alligator Alley…but no Alligators

    Susan Wright and I left Fort Lauderdale today for Naples via I 75, aka “Alligator Alley”. We went a little south then straight west across the Everglades. We made one stop, at the Francis Taylor Wildlife area. We saw birds and fish but no alligators, probably a good thing. Florida is such a very flat state. Drivers won’t get distracted by the topography…maybe that’s why hands-free cell phone talking is still a thing here.

    We went next to the Naples Bath and Tennis Club/ASC (Academia Sanchez Casal) where the tournament is being held. It was pretty quiet. After a picnic lunch, we warmed up in the gym (actually the gym was cooler than it was outside…it was in the 80s in Naples today). After some confusion (we were sent to a court that was being watered), we got in a good hit and saw a few of the players…Brenda Carter and Betty Wachob below were having a doubles match.

    I dropped Susan off at the Naples Airport to get her rental car. Tomorrow the tournament starts but we play on Wednesday, so plan on some touring around Naples tomorrow.

    Photos are here.

    Draws are here: http://m.tennislink.usta.com/tournamenthome?T=212073

  • Joanne Russell Cup: Russell Makes Successful Tournament Debut on Friday

    There was much to be happy about on Friday: lots of tennis, wonderful weather and a big and happy crowd for Joanne Russell’s first match in the tournament named for her.

    Russell combined with Terry Solins from Maryland to beat Lil Peltz-Petow/Eileen Reynolds tonight in front of a large crowd, which was fueled by happy hour drinks, and generally was quite happy to see a good match, won by the top seeds, Russell/Solins 61 63. They play Kathy Foulk/Betsy Savitt in the final tomorrow.

    starred photos Friday-002starred photos Friday-003starred photos Friday-008starred photos Friday-009starred photos Friday-010starred photos Friday-012starred photos Friday-014

    I played my quarterfinal singles match against a Danish player, Birgitte Hostrop and won 60 60. I play Frances O’Sullivan, who advanced easily today 61 61. The other half of the draw hogged the court time. #2 seed Kathy Foulk played Elizabeth Froehling for the 2nd time this year and once again the two split sets. This time they played out the third and Froehling was once again the victor 75 in the third, showing a lot of consistency and grit. She’ll need that tomorrow against #3 seeded Janet Mosely, who found herself down 53 in the the first set against Pat Hirsch but rebounded nicely to win the final 10 games! Both matches lasted over two hours.

    In doubles, Leslie Wargo and I won the 40 doubles over a Valerie Khammash/ Hilary Kuker 61 60. Leslie is a fine player as well as a partner in a law firm in Ohio. It was the first time we’d played together, but our opponents were in the same boat. It was funny, other players couldn’t figure what was going on, or at least what age division I was playing,  since my partner and opponents were obviously much younger than me.

    starred photos Friday 2-005starred photos Friday 2-001

    There weren’t a lot of upsets in other divisions, and the top seeds advanced to the semis in the 50 & 70 singles; most of the doubles were round robin, though three of the top 4 seeds advanced to the semis of the 55 doubles and the top seeds have yet to play in the 70 doubles.

    Draws: http://m.tennislink.usta.com/TournamentHome/tournament.aspx?t=190084

    Photos: https://goo.gl/photos/NfCR1tPt4WdCNB9a7

  • Manning, Nichols, McColskey & Anderson Win Singles Titles Sunday at Crawford Cup

    Sunday was a beautiful day to play tennis, albeit a bit warm for Northerners, as temperatures flirted with 80 and the humidity increased. All the singles started at 9am.

    I played Ann Clark, who is not yet 55 (she turns 55 in May). She took out the #4 seed, Sally Smith, in straight sets on Thursday and was on Fran Chandler’s side of the draw. (Fran hurt her leg in warm up yesterday). Anyway, Ann is a good player, moved well and we played well over 90 minutes before I won 60 63. The 3/4 was a double default as Susan Boyer hurt herself in the second set of our match yesterday.

    starred photos Sunday

    Wendy McColskey, making her 65s debut, beat Anne Guerrant (who ranked as high as #11 in the world and who won the Australian Open doubles title twice) 63 63. Wendy impressed with her forehand and movement all week. The 3/4 was a long battle finally won 9-7 in the third set tiebreak over Toni Novack in about three hours.

    Cathie Anderson and Charleen HIllebrand, both from Southern California, have had many battles. Cathie anticipates really well and Charleen has always had aggressive ground strokes. Cathie came out on top  after dropping the first set; she won the final sets 64 63 and wore out Hillebrand in the hot and humid conditions. Hillebrand though recovered well enough to combine with Sheila Weinstock to win the 75 doubles 63 62 over Ria Graham/Carol Wood. Sheila fell to Susanne Clark in three sets in the 3/4 playoff.

    DSC04495starred photos Sunday-001starred photos Sunday-003starred photos Sunday-004starred photos Sunday-005

    Tangerine Manning, a tall big hitter, overpowered Martha Garzon 62 75 to win the 45 singles. Kris McDonald and Kathy Zanon though won the 45 doubles over much younger opponents Barni/O’Hern 62 75.

    starred photos Sunday-009


    Results: http://m.tennislink.usta.com/TournamentHome/tournament.aspx?t=192561

    Photos: https://goo.gl/photos/Wmf39qxu2CQjofAk8


    Thanks to Margy Edmund, Peggy Machoian, the staff and members of the Lauderdale Tennis Club for hosting another successful Crawford Cup tournament. Great weather, nice crowds, lots of fun.

  • BRRRRRRR…The Houston Weather Today Eclipsed the Tennis

    starred photos Thursday 3-4-2015 6-10-46 PM starred photos Thursday 3-4-2015 11-20-15 AM starred photos Thursday 3-4-2015 11-12-41 AM

    Soooo..yesterday it was 81 degrees in Houston, a record at Hobby Airport…today it barely hit 40, and with the windchill it was in the 30s all day. Play was delayed three hours this morning due to rain, and main draw matches were cancelled in most divisions except the 35s and 45 singles. Players pulled out every layer of clothing they had (and borrowed other items) in an attempt to stay warm…others went shopping for gloves and hats. in the 45s, 2010 40 Clay Court champion Mary Dineen upset #4 seeded Tracy Houk in the 45s 62 61. She plays top seeded Jolene Watanabe in the semis. Julie Cass has yet to drop a game in reaching the semis and plays Shelly Works tomorrow. Cass and Alissa Finerman also reached the doubles final, beating Vicky Buholz/Cindy Johnson in the semis. The other 45s semi is scheduled for Friday. Top Seeded Patricia Zerdan pulled out of the 35 Clay Courts and out of the 40s Cup team as well with what I heard was a shoulder injury. We wish her a speedy recovery. That gave Carolina Blouin a walkover into the semis. An intriguing match tomorrow is Gee Gee Garvin and Nancy Hilliard. There were no other main draw matches today, but lots of consolation matches took place. In the 55s #2 seeded Pam Cooke/Tracey Thompson beat #4 seeded Erin Boynton/Abii Neuthaler to advance to the final of the consolation doubles against Dawson/Lang.

    Kathy Langer received the Betty Gray Washington Sportswoman award today at the dinner, voted upon by her peers. It was well deserved.



  • Houston Clay Courts, Tuesday/Wednesday: The Balmy Calm before the Wintry Cold

    The weather in Houston has been subject to a lot of discussion and many views of the Weather Channel on everyone’s smartphone this week. Originally it looked like a lot of rain each day…that hasn’t materialized fortunately. However, after a warm day today (low 80s), tomorrow brings a resumption of frigid weather (high of about 40) and wind. However the past two days have been pleasant and lots of great tennis has been played. The 35s begin tomorrow.

    The 45s are out to the quarters, with Pam Ponwith scoring the only upset, over Daniela Esswein, a 5-8 seed. In doubles, the top four seeds reached the quarters. The top four seeds in the 45 doubles all advanced to the semis without the loss of more than a few games today.

    In the 55s, Cindy Johnson began the tournament with a win over a 5-8 seed, and today beat #3 seeded Kathy Vick 60 63. The match was closer than the score, particularly the second set. Cindy is as patient though as Kathy, and there were lots of long moonball rallies, but Cindy was more effective at net and won the long rallies. Erin Boynton took on Susan Wright on the front court. Erin served well and used her heavy ground strokes to push Susan out of her comfort zone but Susan won the key points with some great passing shots and angles and made fewer errors in her 63 64 victory. Diane Barker made short work of Athena Cajas, winning 61 61. Ann Pellow rallied from a set down to beat Tracey Thompson 16 62 63. Thompson commented that Pellow played really well, hitting multiple lines and playing consistently deep. Barker plays Pellow and Johnson plays Wright tomorrow. In 55 doubles, yesterday, Ann Pellow/Kim Lackey upset the #2 seeds, Pam Cooke and Tracey Thompson 64 75. Pam and Tracey led 41 in the first set before Kim and Ann rallied, then Kim and Ann led 53 in the second only to go down 5-5 0-40 before rallying for the win. Today Susan Wright and I beat Yvonne Gallop/Kathy Foulk (who had taken out the 4th seeds) 63 62. We play Kim Steinmetz/Kathy Vick in the final. They beat Lackey/Pellow 62 62 today. This is a rematch of last year’s 55 indoor final.

    The 65s had no upsets after the win by Pell over Bramlette on Monday. The top four seeds are out to the semis. Martha Downing is into the semis without losing a game and plays Anne Guerrant tomorrow while Brenda Carter takes on Kerry Young. In the 65 doubles, Cindy Babb/Brenda Carter rallied to beat #3 seeded Molly Hahn/Vicky McEvoy in three sets; they face #2 seeds Sue Bramlette/Kathy Barnes in the semis. Downing/Kathy Bennett face Bunny Smith/Kerry Young.

    In the 75s, Ria Graham, a 5-8 seed, after narrowly avoiding an upset herself on Monday (winning 76 in the third against Kathy Langer), beat Roz King, the third seed, 76 (6) in the third set tiebreak today. She plays Donna Fales tomorrow, while Dori Devries, a three set winner over Dorcus Miller takes on Lyn Little. In doubles, Graham and Jessie Von Hippel ousted #4 seeded Chris Smith/Michaelin Watts 62 61 while Langer/Lyn Tietz, seeded 3rd, fell to Judy Janc/Susan Martin.

    In the 85s, Jane Lutz takes on her doubles partner, Rita Price in the final.

    Photos below from play on Tuesday and from the breakfast provided by the Club for the players (which is fantastic).

    Julia LeveringRoz King, Tracey Thompson, Kathy Barnes, Dori deVries Carol Clay, Julia Levering Carmen and Barbara Donna Fales Maria Nunez starred photos 3-2-2015 8-15-35 AM