National Women’s Intersectional Team Event Gets Underway in San Antonio

The largest women’s age division tournament in the US gets underway tonight, when the captains meet and Larry Eichenbaum, the referee, announces the draws for the 55s and 65s. Over 300 women compete in the 35, 45, 55, 65, 75 and 80 and over divisions from 14 of the 17 USTA sections. The tournament is being run at the McFarlin Tennis Center in San Antonio, Texas.

I am captaining the SoCal 55s team which consists of Carolyn Nichols, Ann Stanley, Ruth Young, Sue Sprague, Jackie Heston and Kathy Bennett. The Southern and NorCal teams look like the ones to beat here, but there are lots of good players from every section, including host Texas.

The 65s have a big turnout and SoCal, whose run of nearly a decade was shattered by Florida last year, in Florida. SoCal is looking to regain the trophy in the 65s, led by Suella Steel, at #1 and captain Anne Russ.

The draw for the 75s and 80s will be done on Monday and the “youngsters”, the 35s and 45s don’t start play till Thursday and arrive on Wednesday. SoCal, 35s and Southern, 45s are the defending champions and have strong teams again.

To follow the action click here: Women’s Intersectionals, Nov 15-21, San Antonio for detailed results, or check back to this blog where I’ll be posting and linking to other blogs. Also check out my tweets, @tenniscan.

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