Nike Cat 2, Portland Oregon

I have played the Nike Cat 2 many times over the years. My cousins, Don and Janet Beer live in Tigard so I have the fun of visiting them. I have been asked how the tournament is, if it is nice (it is). In a year in which most Cat 1 and Cat 2 tournament participation is down, first year tournament director Linda Temple said that entries were up 20% over last year! That tells you what players, especially Pacific NW players think of the tournament.

Ok , so how did the tournament go…well, it was quite warm till today, Sunday, 80s and 90s and sunny. There were quite a few sunburned Oregonians by Saturday. However, Sunday (July 15!), it was a typical midwinter day (for San Diego)… It drizzled. The tournament immediately moved indoors and most matches were played indoors even though the skies cleared by midday and the courts dried. I played Chris Ramsower-Pearlstein in the final, iindoors. She had a tussle yesterday with Bonnie Tetrick but rallied from 2-5 in the 2nd set to win 64 76. Today I won 60 64, it was a tough 2nd set. Chris and her husband Irv had more than a couple cousins..they had a fan club that came to watch!

In the afternoon, Manola and I won the 45 doubles over Amy Miller and Carol Sandoz 63 64, rallying from 0-3 in the second set. It was a very fun match, lots of net exchanges.

Manola won the 45 singles easily today, 60 61.

Normally during the event players can make a donation to the Greater Portland Tennis Council and in return gain access to the Nike employee store for a day. I signed up early and went Thursday which was fun…my blight yellow Nike Free shoes could light up a dark room. Unfortunately for anyone who signed up later, issues arose and there was no more access this year.

The first day I saw Joyce Jones, who has been named to her first Cup team (She is soooo excited) at age 80+. So I took some photos of her in action.

I am en route back to San Diego, but it was another nice long weekend in Portland. Thanks Linda, Dana and everyone who worked so hard to put he tournament together.









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