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  • Nike Cat 2, Portland Oregon

    I have played the Nike Cat 2 many times over the years. My cousins, Don and Janet Beer live in Tigard so I have the fun of visiting them. I have been asked how the tournament is, if it is nice (it is). In a year in which most Cat 1 and Cat 2 tournament participation is down, first year tournament director Linda Temple said that entries were up 20% over last year! That tells you what players, especially Pacific NW players think of the tournament.

    Ok , so how did the tournament go…well, it was quite warm till today, Sunday, 80s and 90s and sunny. There were quite a few sunburned Oregonians by Saturday. However, Sunday (July 15!), it was a typical midwinter day (for San Diego)… It drizzled. The tournament immediately moved indoors and most matches were played indoors even though the skies cleared by midday and the courts dried. I played Chris Ramsower-Pearlstein in the final, iindoors. She had a tussle yesterday with Bonnie Tetrick but rallied from 2-5 in the 2nd set to win 64 76. Today I won 60 64, it was a tough 2nd set. Chris and her husband Irv had more than a couple cousins..they had a fan club that came to watch!

    In the afternoon, Manola and I won the 45 doubles over Amy Miller and Carol Sandoz 63 64, rallying from 0-3 in the second set. It was a very fun match, lots of net exchanges.

    Manola won the 45 singles easily today, 60 61.

    Normally during the event players can make a donation to the Greater Portland Tennis Council and in return gain access to the Nike employee store for a day. I signed up early and went Thursday which was fun…my blight yellow Nike Free shoes could light up a dark room. Unfortunately for anyone who signed up later, issues arose and there was no more access this year.

    The first day I saw Joyce Jones, who has been named to her first Cup team (She is soooo excited) at age 80+. So I took some photos of her in action.

    I am en route back to San Diego, but it was another nice long weekend in Portland. Thanks Linda, Dana and everyone who worked so hard to put he tournament together.









  • Pensacola Day 4: Marcinkowska wins 40 singles and doubles

    Brief update tonight.


    Renata Marcinkowska played a phenomenal 2nd set (to go with a merely excellent first set) to beat Hyacinth Yorke in the final of the 40 clay courts…then was looking at the numbers 40 on the inscription under the gold ball…She then doubled her gold haul for the day by winning the 40 doubles with Mary Dailey, their 2nd gold ball together. They beat Fran Chandler/Susan Boyer 60 76 (5). Boyer/Chandler mixed up serving and volleying with playing 2 back in the 2nd set, which led to more errors by their opponents. But on match point there was no mistake, Renata hit a killer overhead to seal the win.


    Hollman took third in doubles over Chandler and won the doubles bronze with Anna Zimmerman over Stacy Williams/Yorke.


    The 50 final is between Nichols/Bronson and the doubles between Bronson/Wheatley and Bezmalinovich/Nichols.



  • Pensacola, Thursday, Day 3

    The 40’s semis were played today. On court 1, Renata Marcinkowska and Fran Chandler played different styles, but were equally exemplary sports. The racquet never left their hands in anger (though Fran did pull off her hat once or twice), and the match was played in good spirit. Renata’s spins and dropshots (we don’t know how many drops Renata hit…maybe 50?), and aggressive play kept Fran moving all over the court. Renata won 62 63.


    On court 2, top seeded and defending champion Mariana Hollman faced the 4th seed, Hyacinth Yorke. This was the drama queen court. No racquets went flying, but the reaction to a missed shot or bad bounce was not a poker face, and frequently was accompanied by a theatrical comment on the shot (or a scream). Yorke, normally known for her grass court play, used her superb athleticism and creativity to oust Hollman 62 64. Yorke also made extensive use of the drop shot, to great effect.


    Interestingly, the 4 semifinalists were originally citizens of 4 different countries, Trinidad (Yorke), Cuba (Hollman), Poland (Marcinkowska) and USA (Chandler). They are all now US citizens. Hollman and Yorke became US citizens in 2005.


    In doubles Marcinkowska and Mary Dailey, the 2nd seeds, took out Yorke/Stacy Williams 62 75. In the other semi, Chandler and Susan Boyer reached the final with a straight set win over the indoor champions, Hollman/Anna Zimmerman. Boyer and Chandler, though not known for their volleys, have great hands and cover the court very well, and rarely miss. They frustrated their opponents with their consistency and court coverage.


    In the 50’s, there weren’t any upsets, they all occurred yesterday apparently. Bronson plays Mary Morgan, the 6th seed, who edged Sue Sprague 63 76. Nichols plays Elizabeth Froehling who took out Elizabeth Bohac 75 26 60.


    The doubles also went according to the seeding, though the #3 seeds, Rita Anderson/Morgan had to go thet distance to beat Lois Woodard and Janice Simpson 76 (2) in the third. They face Bezmalinovich/Nichols in the semis. Bronson/Wheatley play Bohac/Sasser in the other final.


    There were a number of good consolation matches as well. The longest may have been Ellen Markowitz and Michelle dePalmer Williams who played for 3 sets and over 3 hours. Markowitz won 26 64 62. Anna Zimmerman and Myke Bodish also played a long 3 setter, with Bodish prevailing in the thrid. Markowitz plays Tiina Smith and Bodish plays Boyer in the consolation semis.






  • Marathons in the 40’s, Upsets Galore in the 50’s

    The second day of play at Pensacola brought a repeat performance of great weather, and a lot of upsets in the 50’s and marathons in the 40’s.


    In the 40’s, 3 of the 4 seeds had to go 3 sets to reach the semis, but the 4 seeds did all reach the semis.


    Renata Marcinkowska led Ellen Markowitz by a set and 4-1. At that point, Ellen upped her consistency, and Marcinkowska became a little impatient. Markowitz also began moving forward more and attacking. She won 5 games in a row to win the 2nd set. Marcinkowska changed her shoes, her clothes and regained her patience, winning the third set 6-3. The match was played in good spirit and ended with a hug at the net.


    Fran Chandler played for over 4 hours before beating Tiina Smith, whose game is improving with each tournament. Smith won the first set 75, and Chandler took the 2nd 63. By that time Chandler was cramping, but so was Smith. Chandler prevailed 6-0 in the third. It was the 4th time these 2 had played in 2005, but the first time that Smith had won a set, and by far their longest match.


    Chandler next plays Marcinkowska, in a repeat of the BallenIsles final in January.


    Marianna Hollman drove through the night to reach Pensacola from North Carolina. She arrived after a 9 hour drive at 1:30am, and at 11am faced Myke Bodish, a local favorite with one of the prettiest games around, especially her 1-handed backhand. Myke won the 1st set 64, lost the 2nd 60, then was battling in the third when she cramped. She drank some pickle juice, played on, but Hollman improved her footwork, quit making errors and fought hard to win the third 62, in a aset that was closer than the score would indicate.


    Yorke beat Susan Boyer 61 63, in a match Susan described as "short" (only 2 hours). York faces Hollman next in what is sure to be an animated semifinal.


    The 50’s saw the 3, 4, and 5 seeds fall in close battles. Janet Bezmalinovich, seeded third and playing her first ever clay court tournament, met up first round with Elizabeth Bohac, who was so happy to be back on the court after a spate of injuries. Bohac’s experience showed against the athletic Californian in her 75 63 win. The last game went on for a dozen or more deuces before Bohac finally closed out the match.


    Rita Anderson, a reluctant 4th seed, fell to Sue Sprague of California in 3 sets.


    Debbie Burgess, the 5th seed, lost a very long 2-set battle to Miriam Morey 75 75. They had very long and exhausting rallies (Burgess was exhausted at least), and the match lasted nearly 3 hours.


    The matchups tomorrow are Nichols/Morey, Bohac/Froehling, Morgan/Sprague, and Bronson/Simpson.




  • Pensacola, Day 1

    The 40 and 50 clay courts began today. The weather was gorgeous, California-like actually (there were a few clouds though).


    Hyacinthe Yorke, the 4th seed in the 40’s was pushed hard by Michelle (dePalmer) Williams in the 2nd set, but prevailed 61 76. Williams hadn’t played a tournament for over 20 years according to her doubles partner Jan Kirkland-Cochran, but got better with each game played.


    Sue Boyer frustrated Sally Becker, a SoCal hard court player. They had long games and Becker, a tall lefty really attacked and served aggressively, but Boyer calmly retrieved, lobbed and passed her way to a straight set win. She faces Yorke next.


    Fran Chandler played flawlessly in beating Anna Hayden Zimmerman. The points were terrific, but Fran never missed and was aggressive with her groundies when she had the chance to attack. She plays Tiina Smith for the 4th time this year. Smith beat Stacey Williams in a long 2 set match which was closer than the 61 63 score indicated.


    Ellen Markowitz beat Rene Broxson handily. They had a lot of long points, but Ellen was very steady and pushed Broxson behind the baseline repeatedly during the match. She plays Renata Marcinkowska next.


    Myke Bodish, who has been practicing for a week with Sherri Bronson (which is like 3 weeks with anyone else!) plays Marianna Hollman in the remaining quarter.


    In the 50’s, no seeds were in action. Interesting matches were Janice Simpson and Louvenia Armstrong, won 76 75 by Simpson, and Lisa Laurie and Miriam Morey, won by Morey in a very long 2 setter 62 64 (well over 2 hours long).


    Sue Sprague from San Diego took the circuitous route to Pensacola, flying from San Diego to Palm Springs to Orlando to Tampa, then driving (about 7 hours) to Pensacola…but managed a win nonetheless over Polly Crane today.


    Here’s the link to the draws. The doubles begins tomorrow and the quarters of the 40’s and round of 16 of the 50’s will be played as well.