Nike Senior, Portland, OR

This week I am posting from Portland, Oregon. I am staying with my cousins Don & Janet Beer and playing the Nike Senior Women’s tournament at the West Hills Racquet Club in Portland. Don played in the 60s in the men’s tournament and finished third.

I’m playing 50 doubles with Tracy Houk from Montera, CA near Half Moon Bay, in Northern California and 55 singles. Tracy is my 12th doubles partner of the year…not sure if that’s good news (I found that many partners) or bad news (no repeat partners)…hopefully the former.

One of the benefits of playing this tournament is a chance to go shopping at the Nike Employee store, which can also be dangerous to the pocketbook, even though everything there is 50% off retail and Oregon has no sales tax.

Tracy and I won our quarterfinal doubles match today and also caught up with friends. Linda Temple runs the tournament and has a nice support staff. The tournament offers players two dinners plus lunch and snacks daily and the patio is a great place to view matches.

Here’s a link to the draws:

Photos below of Alissa Finerman/Manola Colter, Tracy and Angie (one of our first round opponents), Tracy and her brother, and Linda Temple.





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