Nike Women’s Senior, Saturday: Sunny Days in Portland

Portland isn’t the first place you think of to get a suntan…but this week it was a perfect week for outdoor activities, including the Nike Senior. It’s been sunny and warm but not hot, though early in the morning it’s been in the 50s.

I played my first singles match, against Gail Ashbrooke from SoCal…her husband reached the final of the 60s at the Nike Senior men’s event. There was a big gap between singles and doubles, but it was fun to watch matches, talk to my doubles partner, Tracy and her brother Kelly and some other players I know.

We won our first round doubles against Lisa and Laurie from Oregon to reach the final. I play the singles final at 8am (!) against a local player, Sandy Garry, who is a 5.0 player so it will be a good challenge, and we play doubles around 11. Tracy plays the singles final at 8:30.

Here’s the photo for the day of Alissa Finerman, Tracy, Chrissie Costamagna and Rebecca Stapp.


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