Oh Canada

I am writing this from Mt.Tremblant, Canada where I am playing an ITF Grade B tournament, the regional closed for US and Canadian players. Unfortunately it’s a mostly local event despite the large number of ranking points available.

I took the redeye from San Diego yesterday to DC, then a commuter plane to Montreal. My baggage didn’t arrive, so I filed a claim, cleared customs and drove up to Mt. Tremblant, about 2 hours away.

Mt Tremblant 14 Mt Tremblant 14 -002 Mt Tremblant 14 -003

I ran into MJ Pachl and Rudi, her husband and her friends from Granby, Canada. MJ and Rudi are dual US/Canadian citizens. MJ had procured a court at 4, and we hit on the clay. It was slow and soft green clay.

I was invited to dinner at the home of one of their friends, on the lake, and the view was nice.

Mt Tremblant 14 -005

More tomorrow, I am beat!

Update Tuesday morning: my luggage has arrived. And it looks like rain today.

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