This pretty much says it all.

But for further emphasis (and this was before it really came down hard):

Mt Tremblant 14 -007 Mt Tremblant 14 -008

So it’s been a pretty relaxing day. I hit the grocery store, a nice IGA, and it’s always interesting to see what different foods are in grocery stores in different parts of the world. (More ham, less chicken, no Tab!).

Hopefully I play tomorrow…maybe twice. There are a dozen courts at this venue, and there weren’t many matches scheduled today, only a dozen, so there should be plenty of courts tomorrow to play two days’ worth of matches…if the weather cooperates.

It’s pretty gloomy out, which is too bad as this is a beautiful part of the world. It’s very green, but then, landing in Montreal,what struck me first was how green it was…there was grass in the area between runways, bright green grass. Coming from California, the dry state, that really stood out.


Here’s a link to the draws (click on “order of play” then draws, or matches; I’m in Group A of the 55s.); the tournament website is here.

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