Opening Ceremonies

Opening Ceremonies were tonight, at the Country Club in La Baule, which seemed very nice. It was nice to see old friends on other teams, especially the men’s teams (all the women are staying at my hotel, so we see each other often).

Today we practiced early, at 8am and again at 11 and then Sherri went off to the captains’ meeting where to absolutely no one’s surprise, the USA is seeded #1 and Great Britain #2. The USA in fact is seeded #1 in four (!) cups, all the women’s Cups and the Men’s 55s (led by Mike Fedderly and Val Wilder). The men’s 60s are seeded #2 and the men’s 50 #5.

The opening ceremonies consisted of lining up to walk onto the courts, and all the players were able to walk onto the court, with a child holding the namecard of the country and one of the players the flag of the country. Then there were some speeches and music, and some champagne (this is France after all) before we were bused back to the hotel.

Tomorrow we play Argentina. I’m going to try biking down to the club.

Draws are posted here.


all us teams 6-7-2015 7-16-08 AM  Carolyn & Ellen Neumann, Germany Carolyn and Ann Carolyn and Dagmar, AUT Carolyn and Erin Carolyn and Lilia 6-7-2015 7-34-45 AM Carolyna nd Maggie Beyer, GER Carolyn and Marianne, SWE carolyn with flag 6-7-2015 7-50-49 AM USA Connolly Cup Team Connolly cup, Barker, Wright, Vick, PellowBueno Cup...yes it's windy! Chandler, Rush, Nideffer, Houk Godfrey, Tammen, Fedderly, Wilder, Men's 55, Austria Cup Men's 60s, Von Cramm Cup, Chris Bennett, Paul Wulf, Tom Smith and Bill Ashley Fred PErry Cup Team

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  1. You look very little next to a couple of those gals!

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