USA Goes Undefeated on Day One of Seniors Team Championships in France

There were three USA teams in action today, the Maureen Connolly, Alice Marble and Austria Cups and all won today. The Connolly Cup beat Canada 3/0 with the only “upset” being that Canada’s #1, Erin Boynton used her big serve to power her to a first set win over Diane Barker at #1 singles…but Barker was stingy with games the next two sets winning them 2, 1. Wright won at #2 and Kathy Vick/Ann Pellow (Pellow making her Cup debut) won the doubles point. For more on the Connolly cup click here:

It was WINDY today! There was more clay on the players and their belongings at the end of the day than on the courts I think…the courts now resemble red hard courts and play much like them, only higher bouncing. At one point Vick said they couldn’t see their opponents it was so dusty! And it’s supposed to be worse tomorrow.

In the Marble Cup, Wendy McColskey had a smooth and uneventful Cup debut, winning at #2 61 62 behind powerful forehands and effective dropshots. Tina Karwasky was ruthless at #1, winning 60 60 in about half an hour. Sherri Bronson and I won the doubles point 61 63.

The men’s 50/60s teams, Fred Perry and Von Cramm, had byes as did the women’s 50s, the Bueno Cup.

I am not sure if the Austria Cup, Men’s 55 played today but if they did, they won. Internet here has slowed to not working! Photos below from Marble Cup today.

Update 6/10/15: USA beat Moldovia 3/0 in the Austria Cup, play Belgium next.

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