Quick post from Paris as I am off to Rolland Garros.

My plane flights were on time…early actually, good winds. My luggage arrived, only one zipper broken. I found my way to Gare de Lyon and to the baggage “consigne” where they had a locker big enough for all my stuff…and a taxi stand right outside. I had three hours to kill…so after the usual call via skype to ATT to get my phone to work (it was “refusing” to connect to the tower in France…jet lag?) which I did over wifi while having a crepe for breakfast, I walked along the Seine to Notre Dame. The river walk was nice, no tourists, quiet and a view of Notre Dame most of the way. Once I got to Notre Dame it felt like being in the USA, American accents everywhere and long lines. I only walked around the outside, then back to the railway station and on to the apartment I rented.

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After dropping my bags, I went to Montmartre and climbed up to the Sacre Coer tower where the views were very nice, Eiffel Tower in the distance, and then back to the Metro to the Arch de Triomphe and Champs Elysees.



20,000 steps later I was back to the apartment.

A Bientot.

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