Texas Drought Has Ended: Westwood Super Cat 2

I feel like rain is following me around! This weekend I went to Austin to play the Westwood Super Category 2 tournament and visit friends, though I came close to pulling the plug on the tournament after seeing the weather forecast (rain, rain, rain)!

I got on the plane though (but there was a three hour delay in Houston, during which the crew timed out…).

However I still arrived Thursday in time to hit with Manola Colter from NM. She never misses, so hitting 45 minutes with her is like 90 minutes with anyone else!

Friday it rained a lot but Deerah Hubbart and I managed to get in a good hit between raindrops, and Kathy Langer and I got caught up at dinner.

Saturday we were scheduled for singles and doubles. The singles happened a few hours late, but rain set in later, and our doubles was cancelled for the day, and the Sunday forecast was grim.

However, Sunday, after a 2 hour rain delay the sun came out and I not only played my singles, we were able to play the semis and finals of the doubles, which we won. I even finished in time to go to the Klitch 60th wedding anniversary party!

Today it was dry early, so Deerah and I warmed up on our match court, got in our match, which I won.

I was feeling goid about getting an earlier flight, but then got to Houston where things went bad….well, we did board on time…but then sat on the tarmac for an hour, then the crew timed out, then the plane’s steering broke, so we are waiting for a tow back to the terminal. Moral of the story, fly direct!

Well, next postings from France I think. Au revoir.

Postscript: I got home Tuesday, via Denver… .they got a new crew, but no one fixed the plane Mondayy.

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  1. Did you get home?  I heard Houston was slammed!  I stayed over until today.  Just got home an hour ago.  Clear sailing all the way but we are supposed to get more rain later today.This is soooo unusual!

    Kathy Langer

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