Portland, Oregon Nike Senior

The Nike Senior Championships are taking place now in Portland, Oregon. The weather is gorgeous, 90s and the sky is so blue and clear, very nice for those of us from California who have been breathing smoke for days and having 110 degree temps.
There are quite a few national players here…Chrissy Costmagna Manola Colter, Kristen Hartley and Rebecca Stapp in the 40s, Tracy Houk, Fran Chandler, Kathy Vick (recovered from her broken foot) and Jeanne Hulsen in the 45s, Carolyn Nichols & Bonnie Tetrick in the 50s, Chieko Holt in the 55s, Lianne Bryson and Andi Polisky in doubles along with Jeannie Haskell/Karen Burns in doubles; Joyce Jones, Wendy Walter and Gloria Carter in the 65s, Greta Watson in the 60s and more, and lots of good doubles teams. There is a consolation in all divisions (FMLC) and a three/four playoff. This tournament is also the Oregon State Championships. This event is being played at the West Hills Swim and Racquet Club and the men’s event is held at the Mountain Park RC nearby.
Kathy Vick and Fran Chandler played today and had lots of very long rallies, but Fran won the majority, winning 62 61 in a match that seemed closer than that score. Yesterday Jeannie Hulsen had a tough match with Tracy Houk, Houk winning 75 64 (rallying from 14 in the 2nd set).

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