Practice Day

Sunday August 19, 2018, Ulm, Germany

Susan Wright, Robin Harris and I took Pat Purcell to the bus station for her 7am bus, and the start of a very long road home. We left just after 6am, and Pat left me with the extroverts of our group! Though I must admit, 2 extroverts and 1 introvert is a better ratio than the reverse, especially since Robin and Susan have been friends since junior tennis days.


We went from the bus station at 6:30 am to go practice as there are no practice courts after 8:30 am so far this week. We had a good very early morning practice, then went back home to organize and to get strings for my racquets.

I dropped Susan and Robin off around 11:30 and got a massage and, most importantly, WiFi for several hours!

We all have the day off today but expect to play singles and doubles or doubles and mixed tomorrow.

Draws and order of play and results are here.

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