Practice Day in Mallorca

Saturday was a practice day after a day of touring. I drove over to Global Tennis on the southern end of the Island, a little over an hour from Font de Sa Cala and trained for 90 minutes. Steve Dance came along and hit as well.

Then it was on to the mega grocery store nearby, and the Decathalon store. I was on the hunt for natural peanut butter and apples and found both…and of course some chocolate bars too. This store, which I wrote about in June, is enormous…with yards of refrigerator space allotted to sausages and lots more for cheese, yogurts…many iberico hams, a big seafood area…you name it, they probably sell it. I also got a fish, will try cooking it tomorrow.

Giant Food Store in Mallorca

After shopping we headed back to Font de Sa Cala and had time for a hit before dark.

I am trying an experiment of putting my Spanish SIM card into my main USA phone…we’ll see how that goes.

The opening ceremony for the teams event took place today and the team event starts tomorrow…without any USA, Australia, Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa teams. It’s basically Europe and a few South American teams…and the US Virgin Islands…

Spain has one of the lowest covid rates in Europe, and Mallorca is one of the safest places in Spain. Just saying.

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