Practicing & Practicing

Today was a tennis day…1.5 hours in the morning and in the afternoon with a two hour break in between. I’m getting used to the clay again and how physical it is!

There were two other Americans practicing at the academy today, Bruce Barrett from Florida and Carolann Castell from Seattle. So someone to chat with over lunch. I brought my lunch but they were eating lunch made at the academy which was substantial…pasta Bolognese in a bowl and veggies and chicken on a plate..not sure how they managed to practice after that!

When I returned to my apartment I had to figure out the garbage situation in Consell. In bigger cities there are big bins for plastic, glass, organic, paper and general garbage and donations. Here in Consell though, residents put various types of garbage on their doorsteps between 7-9pm, different kinds on different days…today was plastic day. The problem is that my street is a construction zone, so I walked my garbage to the corner and hope it was picked up!

I also walked to the local Eroski City market which has a bit of everything…I was looking for berries and found strawberries. There were a lot of people in the small store, getting last minute items for dinner, breakfast and more, most of whom arrived and departed on foot since there’s no specific parking for the store. It was a lovely evening so many people were out walking and playing with their children, it’s a really nice vibe.

Off to Font de Sa Cala near Capdapera tomorrow. Next tournament begins on Friday. No draws yet though.

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