Rain in Spain Causes Tournament Pain

I had a lot of time to think of things that rhyme with rain (pain, bane, wane, gain) because all play was cancelled today. (Sad smile).

Jenny (Klitch) and I walked over to the courts around nine. It was sprinkling lightly and several of the courts appeared close to being playable.

I walked over again at 11:30 and well…all were very wet with puddles. Some of these courts don’t dry well…some still had puddles on them yesterday even though it hadn’t rained for two days. There seem to be no court dryers here for clay courts.

clay court water remover. IMG_4685IMG_4696


There was a sign to check back at 12:30, but when I asked the front desk personnel (no one was in the tournament office), I was told no play before 3pm. I got a number to call (no postings are on the website) and was told play was cancelled for today and that singles would be played tomorrow. Doubles will be played Saturday if players agree or else cancelled. Since we are in the QF of doubles, I doubt that all our possible opponents will stay, but that decision is for another day.

On another note…next time you complain about the price of balls in the USA, consider this (a euro is about 1.06 USD now but was 1.6 not too long ago).



The view wasn’t as pretty today but still is nice:



5pm update: The staff at the club worked hard today on the courts and got out the old fashioned squeegees, like they use on hard courts and rolled all the courts. Here is someone working on the last court (while it’s sprinkling again!)




All for now…we are going to be scheduled to play early tomorrow. You can check results here


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  1. Carolyn – Do you usually book your return flight the day after the last day, as listed on the ITF website?  Or. do you find ITF tournaments get extended? Michael

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