Rainout in Klosters; Default into the Final

I was fifth match on Court 1 today, but at 1:30 it still wasn’t raining. I checked the website and saw that the first three matches had finished by then, so I got ready and walked quickly down to the courts. I checked in and was told to wait near the courts. By the time I got to the courts it was raining lightly, but all four matches scheduled before mine were done. However,  since our match was “not before 2:30”, the court was open. Then the head referee found me and told me that my opponent had told him that morning or the day before that I had a default (an injury, though she did win 61 61 yesterday…). However, my potential opponents, Encarnacion Gomez-Diaz and Renata Tomanova still needed to play. They were 5th match also, but match #4 was a default. They were called to the court, but didn’t start..a little before 3pm it started raining hard and that’s the end of play for today I think.

So i am in the final and play Renata or Encarnacion, and the final is scheduled for tomorrow…4th match…they play at 9am. The tournament was lucky to get most matches in today and it was smart that they started at 9am. Here’s a link to the draws: http://www.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/draws.aspx?id=7555E3C4-5F21-44FA-838C-D4432154334F

More photos from the tournament posted here: http://www.tennisklosters.ch/swiss-seniors/galerie/

Facebook page for Swiss Seniors: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Swiss-Seniors/103696396445307

The weather after today is supposed to be excellent.

Encarnacion Gomez-Diaz and Renata Tomanova Courts on Monday afternoon at 3pm Center Court at 3pm IMG_4590 IMG_4592

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