Well, it didn’t rain today..the good news…the bad, Silver Medal This Week

Today was gorgeous…one of the days that shows off the fantastic scenery Switzerland has to offer. I played the final against a very good player (a former Australian and French Open finalist and Australian Open doubles champion and French Open mixed champion…), Renata Tomanova, who hasn’t lost a seniors match in a few years. She beat me 63 64, using the court very well (her shots ranged from moonballs to precise slices and drives to accurate drop shots). I won the silver medal this time, learned a lot about how to play on clay and had a good match.

Heide Orth won 76 (2) 5-5 retired (calf injury) against Michelle Bichon of France in the women’s 65 final. It was a match with not much rhythm, as Michelle, an extremely good athlete, makes spectacular shots…which land in…or out. Heide,is a good athlete and a great tennis player…and weathered the storms well.

The other finals are on different days during the week. Nora Blum plays Isabella Enz in the 60s tomorrow.

Here are some photos from Heide’s match and of the medal ceremony. And no, Renata didn’t play in that dress, she had normal tennis attire on and got dressed up for the medal presentation. The bronze medalists didn’t show for the ceremony. That’s the end of the tournaments in Europe for this year, I think. It’s been a lot of fun.     



Photos of the tournament players this year, changed daily.  sign Luisa Tinelli, Carolyn Carolyn, REnata


IMG_4595It only looks like a postcardHeide Orth Michelle Bichonscore65 medalistsMatch Schedule (only the 9am matches have a certain time.)chair umpire

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  1. Wow! What a grand ending to a wonderful series of matches in Europe. Congratulations on your great playing and your fantastic reporting with those gloreous pictures. Hope to see you in Croatia and that red clay looks ominous to me after a season on hard courts here in Denver. Again, thanks for all your reports on a truly wonderful time touring and playing our favorite sport. rita

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