Rainy Austin

Regular gas is $2.99….a relative bargain, especially after $3.60 plus in San Diego last week…that’s the good news. The bad news is that it’s rainy here and expected to stay that way throughout the weekend. The 1pm matches are finishing now and the later matches are still on court…which explains why today’s results haven’t been posted yet…they are not finished. It also explains why it’s so green around here, very pretty, rolling hills and looks like February in California (green), albeit much warmer, 80s.
I am supposed to play at 9 and 4:30 tomorrow…the doubles will probably be under lights as it’s supposed to rain a lot tomorrow too. Fortunately Texans are a very polite bunch and taking the rain in stride.
By the way, the 70 and over divisions here are played on CLAY, not on hard courts!
Here’s a link to the draws…will try to post some photos tomorrow.

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