Ready For the Final

I played Rosa Maria Togores Colum. We played on a court that faced East/west, good at noon, but not so great at 6pm. After she wrapped herself up (two patella braces and a back brace), put up the singles sticks (and apparently no one else did this, as you can see in the photo below), I chose the side where I would not be staring into the sun. Rosa started strongly. Ripping a winner off my serve, but I ended up finding her backhand and won 60,60. I play the second seed, Christian Derykre in the final tomorrow or Saturday.

Heide Orth had a second day off from playing and below she is with her husband Ludwig. Heide said she had to wear her summer dresses here because Germany had no summer.



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  1. Here at the Aurora library, so no sound for the video. loved the photo of the evening match. Looks like you in the far court and I know you will triumph in the finals. Heide and hubby look ecstatic and really enjoying life on the circuit as I know you are. So happy to hear your news. It’s sweltering in Denver, but enjoying some interesting tennis of Special Olympians, Wheel Chair, Open, NTRP men and women in this citywide extravaganza, but wish I could have played Germantown. Looking forward to another chapter in your “gypsy” tennis life! rita

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