Site Seeing in Barcelona

Today, Friday, I had another day off. I feel like I’m playing a Grand Slam or something! I play the final tomorrow at 6pm against the #2 seed from Belgium, Christian Derykre who is a good player, strong and hits lots of topspin, very good forehand.

Today, after hitting for an hour in the morning I took the red “hop on hop off” bus which was the southern route and quite interesting. It went by some palaces, then down to the port and beach, which I saw for the first time (looked quite crowded), and then up to the Gothic area and Las Ramblas. I got off to see “La Seu”, a Gothic Cathedral which was very interesting, quite beautiful and intricate. Then I went to see the Gaudi Casa Batillo, first from the outside, then a tour of the inside, which was amazing. No straight lines, even the chimneys were beautiful and decorative. He covered them with mosaics.

I also figured out the Metro today and took it back to the hotel instead of hopping back on the bus, it was very well marked and efficient.

Tomorrow is the last day in Barcelona, practice, packing and a match.

The opening ceremonies of the Olympics are being shown live here in Barcelona though all the commentary is in Spanish, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I didint know the Queen was going to jump out of a helicopter with James Bond!

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