Report from Brenda and Mike Tammen, (Men’s 50)

Good morning from New Zealand….I’ve been told that everyone from all country teams are safe and accounted for. Despite the tragic situation here, and the devastating loss of life, the people of New Zealand exhibit an amazing warmth and spirit that are quite admirable. They remain strong and possess a conviction that this event, the single worst natural disaster in their country’s history, will not deter them from restoring their faith and their city. They continue to band together, with all those around and help to be as positive as possible while we all regroup and figure out what to do next. Hundreds of homes have been opened to us and the other evacuees. New Zealanders are very kind and generous, especially in the face of adversity. Some of our teammates are staying with a family in Burnside until they can fly out, which is currently looking like Friday.
After we left the Red Cross crisis center, we walked to a car rental agency and got a car and drove to Hanmer Springs, which is 77km from Christchurch…we felt it was a good choice, up in the mountains, far enough away to escape the aftershocks, which rattled us all night long the night before.
Lastly, we got word that the Individual World Championships, which were to begin next week in Christchurch have now been officially canceled as well. There was initial talk about relocating the event to Auckland, but in the end decided against it. The tennis in the other two locales will continue on, but the divisions in Christchurch are done. Those are M35, M45, M50, and W45.
I’ve attached some photos. Instead of detailed explanations, I’ve just tried to name them as to basically what they are. The hotel we were in was the Latimer. All these photos were taken either the day of, or the morning following the disaster. Note from Carolyn: I’ve posted the photos here.
We are planning on staying on in New Zealand, and continuing North.
Thank you all for your concern and well wishes. We are truly blessed to have such an amazing group of friends and family.
We’ll be in touch soon.
Brenda & Mike

Link to photos

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