Saturday Tennis at Crawford Cup: Semis and Finals

On another warm (80s) sunny day in Fort Lauderdale, the semis of the 45s, 65s and 75s and finals of the 55s were played.

I won the 55 singles final over Kathy Vick 61 62. I played well but Kathy was still suffering from the effects of the virus which sent her to urgent care a few days ago for antibiotics and IV infusions. She’s a tough lady and a tough competitor.

Kathy and Mary Ginnard beat Tracy Viebrock and Abbi Neuthaler in three sets in the semis at 1pm. We were scheduled to play the 55 doubles final at 4pm, which was pushed back to 5 because the 45s semis was played before the 55s final and Mary was playing two divisions, 45 and 55 doubles. For some reason the 55 doubles semi wasn’t played yesterday as scheduled. We checked in, warmed up and then were told by one of our opponents that we were playing tomorrow morning! It would have been nice to have been told of the scheduling change earlier, but I am not sure that the TD knew of the change till informed of it by our opponent (not Kathy)! Scheduling has been a challenge this week with all the players participating in 2 divisions, but communication has been an issue as well.

After all the confusion and schedule changes we are looking forward to the doubles match for sure.

In the 65s, Betty Wachob upset her doubles partner, Brenda Carter, in straight sets and Carol Clay “treed”, “zoned”, etc (according to Carol and other onlookers). She beat Brenda Winstead and faces Betty in the final. Betty and Brenda won the doubles over Clay/Ellen Goodman.

In the 75s, it will be a repeat of last year’s final with Lyn Tietz facing Inge Weber. Lyn played her doubles partner Libby Keenan in the singles semis, but Keenan retired at 1-1 in the first set. Weber beat Burnett Herrick in a tougher match. Lyn and Libby lost to Burnett and Dorothy Wasser in the final. Carol Wood and Ria Graham placed third.

In the 45s, Susan Boyer and Vesna McKenna easily advanced to the final. The two are club members who practice with each other, so there are no secrets there, but it should be a good match with a contrast of styles.

In the 85s, Jane Lutz added to her undefeated record in that division in singles and Louise Russ finished 2nd.




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