Crawford Cup Friday: Long matches, into the final

The day began early again for me, I played at 9:30 against Janet Mosely, who had a four hour match yesterday. I think her legs were a bit weary today and I won in straight sets. Kathy Vick won fairly easily too 61 62 against Katherine Zanon.

Pam and I had a three-hour doubles match in the afternoon against Cindy Leprevost and Betsy Savitt. We won 63 26 64 but were up 51 and had a match point and another two at 53 and three at 53…we finally won our 6th match point. Afterwards Pam told me she’d been cramping since the second set! She played well anyway, and we play the final tomorrow late in the afternoon.

We play the winner of Tracy Viebrock/Abbi Neuthaler and Mary Ginnard/Kathy Vick in doubles. There were a number of scheduling conflicts and snafus and the TD didn’t require both semis to be played today, instead rescheduling the other semi for tomorrow.

There were a ton of long matches; particularly the one between Brenda Winstead (who played 5 hours yesterday) against Ellen Goodman, (she played about 4 hours yesterday). Brenda won 75 in the third; and the one between Brenda Carter and Toni Novack. Brenda lost the first set, won the second and was up 43 in the third when Toni retired. She was cramping earlier but I don’t know if that was the cause of the retirement.

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