Semifinals are Set in 55s, 65s at Intersectionals

The USTA Women’s Intersectional Team Championships are being held this week in Boca Raton, Florida at the Boca Raton Swim and Racquet Center.

Play began Monday in the 55s and 65s and Tuesday for the 75s and 80s.

I am playing for SoCal. Our team is seeded second to Southern. My teamates are Tina Karwasky, Tracey Thompson, Robin Harris, Captain Kandy Chain, Una Davis and Jackie Heston. We played Midwest (Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio players) yesterday and won 5/0. The format is 3 singles and two doubles. The same players can play singles and doubles the same day. Since we have seven players, the singles players didn’t play doubles on Monday. I won my singles against Donna Drosner at #2 singles 61 62. It was super windy, but the good news was that the wind covered up the noise from the traffic!

Other results in the 55s from Monday: Southern d. Pacific NW 5/0; Northern Cal had a come from behind win against Mid Atlantic (they lost two of the three singles but won both doubles in close matches); New England beat Middle States 5/0; Eastern edged Texas 3-2. The third seed, Florida, didn’t play on Monday; NorCal is the 4th seed.

Tuesday, today, was an extremely windy day with gusts in the upper 20s all day and in the afternoon there were numerous rain showers. We had the day off so practiced in Fort Lauderdale for a few hours in the morning. Then everyone except Tina and I went to the everglades on an airboat ride and saw an alligator show. I chilled out and ran into Tina actually in the tennis shop where I was waiting for my racquet to be strung! Anyway, in other action, NorCal beat New England 4/1. They were up 2/1 after the singles, but both doubles came down to the wire, the third set. Leslie Murveit, the NorCal captain, reported that she and Kathy Barnes were down 51 in the third and held off three match points in rallying to win the set and match 75! MidAtlantic edged Middle States 3/2 and Florida beat Eastern 5/0.

Tomorrow SoCal faces a dangerous Florida team while Southern takes on a tired but well warmed up NorCal team.

In the 65s, the seeds are Southern, Florida (not sure who is #1 or #2), New England (3) and SoCal (4). The first day NorCal beat Southwest 3/1; New England beat Eastern 4/1; PNW beat Middle States 4/1; Mid Atlantic blanked Midwest 5/0 and Texas beat MoValley 4/1.

Today Florida and Southern both won 5/0, beating NorCal and Texas respectively. New England beat Pac NW 4/1. In consolation matches, Eastern won all three singles against Middle States and Midwest beat MoValley 5/0. SoCal edged Mid Atlantic. SoCal was down 2/1 after singles but won both doubles in three sets. Anne Russ and Dee Williams Horne were down 41 in the third, rallied to go up 5-4 and it rained. After the delay they won the next game to send SoCal into the semis against Southern. Florida will take on New England in the other semi.

In the 75s the seeds were SoCal, Texas, Florida and Midwest. Florida had a bye. It wasn’t a good day for seeds; Texas fell 2/1 to New England, losing in the third set of the doubles; Mid Atlantic won both singles in upsetting Midwest (Carol Wood took out Lyn Tietz); but SoCal restored order with a convincing 3/0 win over Eastern. Middle Stated beat Pac NW 2/1 and Southern won both singles in defeating NorCal.

In the 80s Texas, New England, Pac NW and Florida all won over Southern, Midwest, Middle States and MoValley respectively. the format is 1 singles and 2 doubles in this division. Florida won 3/0; the other matches were all 2/1 wins.

Tomorrow it’s Texas vs Middle States; New England vs MoValley, PNW vs Southern and FL vs Midwest.

For results, click here:

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