So Cal Inaugural Senior Hall of Fame & Hall of Fame

Falkenburg, Lansdorp, Lutz, Michel, Smith And Yeomans


On July 24, 2009, Robert (Bob) Falkenburg,
Robert Landsdorp, Robert (Bob) Lutz, Margaret (Peggy) Michel, Stanley (Stan)
Smith and Patricia (Pat) Yeomans will become members of the fourteenth Southern
California Tennis Hall of Fame induction class that will be honored at a gala
ceremony and dinner to be held at the Four Seasons, Beverly Hills, California.



Inaugural Senior Hall Of Fame Induction


The first Southern California Senior Tennis Hall of Fame
induction will take place on July 29, 2009 with a celebratory luncheon at the
James West Alumni Center-UCLA. Members of the inaugural class include: Phyllis
Adler, Willis Anderson, Dodo Cheney, Robin Hippenstiel, Evelyn Houseman, Verne
Hughes, Gracyn Wheeler Kelleher, Bill Lurie, Merwin Miller, Corky Murdock, Mary
Arnold Prentiss, Carol Schneider, Bob Sherman, Bill Smith, Walter Westbrook and
Pat Yeomans. Martha Katsufrakis, who can be reached at (310) 208-3838, Ext.
302, can provide additional details concerning this special event.




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