Southern, Texas face off in 45s, So Cal, Texas in 35s Final

Southern and Texas advanced to the final of the 45s…Texas easily, 5/0 over NorCal and Southern 3/2 over SoCal.

The match of the day was that between Jennifer Lyons, SoCal and Mariana Hollman, Southern. The two battled for over three hours before Lyons wore down Mariana, winning 64 57 61 in about 3 1/2 hours. Lyons had a match point at 5/4 in the 2nd set too. Lyons mixed up heavy slice with trips to the net, while Hollman mixed up high topspin and came into net a lot. After the match, Hollman just said that Lyons was a very good player.

Fran Chandler beat Carolyn Nichols 60 64…but it took over 2 hours. Chandler cramped a bit in the match (I knew something had happened but not what) but was saved by the pickle juice. One point at about 4/4 in the 2nd set was cruicial…it was 15/0 and Nichols hit three shots that would have been winners against almost anyone else but Fran scooped them back and ended up hitting a winner. I tried to claim the game, commenting that she’d hit only one winner and I’d hit three, but she didn’t buy it.

Sue Webb took out Chris Ramsower-Pearlstein.

In doubles, Jarilyn Joseph (aka JJ) and Tracey Worley beat Susan Love/Hollman in straight sets, but Sue Webb/Sue Bartlett were too consistent for Nichols/Ramsower and clinched the win.

The Texas 45s benefited when the Southern 35s had the day off today, allowing Beverly Bowes Hackney to play for them (at #2!) and they swept the singles.

In the 35s, Texas advanced yesterday while SoCal had to struggle past Southern. They won at #1 singles (Gretchen Magers), #2 singles (Jennifer Dawson) and #1 doubles (Magers/Cammy MacGregor).

We play NorCal tomorrow. It’s very weird since Chris and I just moved from NorCal and know that team better than our own team. It should be fun. lyons Lyons-1 Magers Southern red shirs

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