Successful Finals Day in Portland

I knew I was back in an American tournament when the final was scheduled for 8am! Fortunately, it was the warmest day of the week, hitting 90 and it was pleasant at 8am. I played Sandy Garry who is an excellent athlete and a very good tennis player, (5.0) with a big forehand and aggressive serve and game overall. The courts here were pretty fast and the balls used were regular Penn Marathon balls which play a bit faster than heavy duty (hard court) balls. Sandy started quickly, going up 2-0 but I ended up winning 64 61. My doubles partner Tracy Houk won easily 61 61 to take the 50 singles title and Manola Colter won the 45s over Becky Stapp. The match between Manola and Becky was fun to watch, lots of long rallies, but Manola with her quick feet and errorless play won the match 60 62. Nora Harrison’s sister won the 35s while Nancy Ansboury’s daughter took the 30s title.

In doubles, Tracy and I won the final 62 61. We switched sides receiving today and I played the ad. We both lobbed well and were consistent. Alissa Finerman/Colter won the 45 doubles and Garry/Mary Anderson took the 55 title.

For prizes there were wooden bag tags, cash and (this is a women’s tournament), a bra from a new company handful ( That was a first for me…and for Tracy too.

The tournament was very nice, Linda Temple, the TD made sure players were fed lunch daily, and they had 2 dinners for players as well and even beer and gatorade on ice in coolers. The volunteers were quick to replenish supplies and very cheerful.

Here are a few photos.





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