Successful Saturday in Bordeaux

Saturday I played the 60 final in Bordeaux against Hildegarde Bruggaber from Austria. We played in the semis in Austria last month, so I knew her game pretty well. It was quite windy, overcast and mild for our “not before 11:30” match, which actually began around noon. I played well and won 60 60. My reward? A magnum of wine from the Bordeaux area. Hopefully it won’t break in my suitcase going home.

Erin played Chris French, the 2014 ITF World Champion. The first set was nip and tuck, with plenty of long games and great rallies using the whole court and more. Chris’ most impressive shot was a high loopy forehand which bounced over Erin’s head. Erin is 6’ tall and said that had never happened to her before! (The courts are bounce I must say…I bounced five balls over my opponent’s head in warm up on Thursday, unintentionally…though she was under 5” tall). Each ran down drop shots the other thought was a clear winner. Chris though won more of the big points and wore Erin down mentally, winning 63 60. Erin with Chris and with TD Shirley Friedl.

starred photos final daystarred photos final day-001


Erin and I played a Dutch pair in the 50 doubles, Frannie Van Opstal and Annemiek  Wissink. Wissinck won the 50 doubles final easily a bit earlier and both players were tough and a good team. Erin and Annemiek are shown below.

starred photos final day-003


King Van Nostrand of the USA easily won the men’s 80s to absolutely no one’s surprise.

After the finals we tried to get a ride with the shuttle but it left without us (we were standing there)…it was pretty funny…Erin’s bag and daughter were on the bus too! Then I chose an Uber to take us back…and typed in the right street address…but wrong city. Erin sorted it out though and our uber driver was quite nice and took us to our correct address without any problem. We went out to dinner later with Chris and Paul French, who each won singles & mixed. We packed up and got ready to leave in the morning and then were off to the giant sand dune of Pilat near Arcachon on the Atlantic, then Poirtres, Blois, Chambourd, Chartres and even Paris…but that’s for the next blog.



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