Bordeaux Friday: Rest Day?

Today ended up being a rest day for me. The tournament began on Monday and so far I’ve played only  three matches, 2 singles and a doubles. It’s a rather leisurely pace.  Erin and I warmed up early today, and had a good hit. Erin played her semifinal “not before 11:30” and actually got on just after noon. She played a Spanish player who was the second seed and “upset” her 60 64, as everyone predicted. Except for a small blip from 4-1 to 4-4 Erin dominated the match. She plays Chris French, the 2014 world champion, in the final. Chris won when her opponent, Beatrix, retired when Chris was leading 75 3-0. Beatrix though was leading 5-2 in the first set. We were supposed to play doubles later but it was against Beatrix and her partner, and Beatrix was unable to play due to a bad back. So I practiced some more with Hannah, Erin’s daughter and we were able to have an early dinner for once. We went into the city center and had dinner across from the Opera House. It was very lively tonight, since it’s Friday night…tourists were mixing with Bordeaux locals.

Early in the day I watched a 40s singles match; Kerry Ballard won the 65 singles; my opponent from yesterday, Dagmar Anwar and the triple towers of Hannah, Chris and Erin. Dagmar is about 4’11 and Hannah, Chris and Erin are in the 6” tall range.

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