Sue Bramlette Blogs for USA Kitty Godfree Cup Team: Sunday 9/11

It’s Sunday evening in Umag, Croatia, where the Kitty Godfree team had a good practice in the morning and then enjoyed a trip into the village of Umag.  It was very quiet there and a nice blue sky day in the upper 80s.

Most importantly today, our Captain Molly Hahn attended the captains’ meeting.  Our team was seeded first in the recommended seedings and maintained that seeding.  The other seeds include Great Britain, France, and Australia.  They are all very strong teams.  Our first goal is to win our round robin.  The teams in our RR include Croatia, Ukraine, and Canada.  We start with Croatia tomorrow morning.  The Opening Ceremony takes place in the morning, with play commencing immediately thereafter.

On 9/11 we remembered the families who lost loved ones back home 15 years ago.  We are proud to represent the USA here in Croatia, and we will all do our best to play well and make friends.

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Here are a few photos: of Molly Hahn/Kathy Barnes; also of Umag City (from last year).

Molly Kathy in UmagUmag (14)  Umag (20) Umag (31) Umag (37) Umag (46) umag city 2

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