USA Kitty Godfree Cup Team Blanks Host Croatia on Monday in Umag

Sue reports from Umag on Day 1 of the ITF Super Senior Team Championships:

It was another warm day in Croatia where the Kitty Godfree team competed.  Early this morning we met for team pictures followed by the Opening Ceremonies.  There are 112 teams representing 26 countries competing here.  We all marched in with our flags, followed by speeches by ITF and Croatian dignitaries.  We were then entertained by young dancers.  Following the ceremony we warmed up and play commenced.  Our team played a very welcoming Croatian team with the following results.

Toni Novack defeated Dusica Mamic Madzarac 60, 60


Molly Hahn defeated Djurdjica Anisic 60, 60


Kathy Barnes/Sue Bramlette defeated Slavica Cosovic Bajic/Gizela Senci 60, 60


Thunderstorms were in the area, but play was successfully completed.  We are now headed out to dinner at a real Croatian restaurant called No No.  We play at noon tomorrow against Ukraine.

Below: Kathy Barnes, Toni Novack, Molly Hahn, Sue Bramlette


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