Sun + Tennis and Semis Tomorrow

It was a sunny warm day for the first time this week. I warmed up early them played at 1pm against Tiina Huber from Denmark, though she has lived a long time in Germany. She started well, hitting heavy balls (these German Wilson balls are heavy!) and lines, but I won 62 60, she made a lot of errors.

I watched my potential opponents play, and play now the 4th seed, Sabine Schmidt of Germany. She’s a good, all court player. We also have a tough doubles match against a 50s pairing from Australia/Germany.. One the 2nd seed in 50 singles.

I went to another market today, and as is normal, the eggs are not refrigerated, neither was the margarine, yet no one seems to get ill from eating them.

I was asked 3 times for directions today.. I must not be looking too American. I was even able to direct one lady (to the Penny Market).

There’s a player dinner tonight, just staring at 8 pm.






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  1. Thanks for the photos and news about your match. Hope the weather holds and you can play your next round. Will be going to a Lodo restuarant tomorrow night with Susan Wright and Mary Daily who have their first match in the semis. Mary is playing in two doubles. Hope they win. Will take lots of photos for the NSWTA on this tournament. Lots of great tennis here. Kathy Vick won her first round in singles and just split in doubles when I had to leave. Good Luck and thanks for your news. rita

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