First match, rain delays in Baden Baden

Today was another rainy day in Germany, at least in Baden-Baden. The courts were soaked when I rushed down there at 8:30; no players were around. (However I heard that the courts were playable 45 minutes later, clay courts here dry really quickly.) I took the bus down near the courts and back to the hotel, with a stop a the “Penny Market” first. The Penny Market is similar to Aldis, which we have in the USA and also in Germany, UK. It’s sort of like a cross between a dollar store, Trader Joe’s and Costco…and about the size of a smaller TJs. Of course they had all sorts of chocolates, and everything was at good prices, including the fruit (strawberries for me today). It’s just interesting to look around at all the different foods. After stocking up I took the bus back and got ready for my 2:30 match today.

I played Jana today from Germany…forgot to take a photo though. We were assigned to court 8, not before 2:30, but other courts were vacant, so we were moved to Court 4, and started our match about 3pm I think. I was leading 61 40 when the rain really started coming down hard. We were the only ones playing, I think we both thought we could finish, but she ended up winning that game. I understand what Rafa was complaining about at the French…the balls got wet and then it was harder to put spin on them, they just sat there. So we had a long delay and got back on the court a little before 7pm and finished in about 10 minutes, I won 61 61. I play another German player not before 1pm tomorrow. I think the weather will be better.

I’m not sure when doubles will start. Lyn Mortimer and I are the only ones entered in the 55s, but there are 6 teams in the 50s so I suspect we will end up playing in the 50s or not at all.

There was a rash of defaults here. In the 55s, round of 16, 3 of the 8 matches ended up in a default. So there aren’t so many players really to enter doubles; some are playing mixed.

I finally met one of the other Americans here, Sally Cotter, who is playing in the 50s. She apparently lives in Germany…her shoes were certainly quite red with clay.

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  1. Congratulations on the win after the rain delay. Life must be interesting checking out all the various Super Marches (that’s what my friends and I visited on the French Riviera on a house boat) and every day was special checking out all the market’s fares, (even on a floating store that was a houseboat filled with all sorts of goods and lots of great wine tasting). Well hope you have opponents next rounds, but sounds like you are enjoying the country and meeting lots of great tennis players, as well. thanks again for the travelogue. rita

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