Sunday Funday

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Susan and I practiced today with Mary Dailey and Vesna McKenna. No eyes were blackened during this practice match. Susan and I warmed up for a while first…even did some ladder drills. Our match was a lot of fun. We were at the Lauderdale Tennis Club so members dropped by to watch from time to time.

The weather here is warm, upper 80s and breezy, but between the breeze and the intermittent clouds, the heat wasn’t too bad.

Tomorrow we are off to Naples. The showers still aren’t working (well, technically they work, but just leak, one into my neighbor’s apartment and the other into my downstairs ceiling). Those leaks made it an easy decision to leave early for the tournament.

Here are a couple of photos…Susan and me, Mary Dailey and Susan…Vesna was camera shy and also needed to get going.

Next report from Naples!

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