One Day Closer

Today, Saturday started off…rather wet. Not the weather…both of my bathrooms decided to leak, the guest bathroom into my neighbor two stories below and the master bathroom into my living room ceiling. So we are down to a half bath that is in working order and showers at the club. Not an ideal situation especially for my house guest & doubles partner Susan (MaryKay) Wright! Her eye by the way is fine but a bit swollen.

Susan and I continued our preparation for the Clay today but our paths diverged for the day. Susan practiced with Tangerine Manning, who ended up 2017 ranked #1 in the 45s nationally. I biked and ran wind sprints. Tomorrow we are back on the doubles court though.

Florida is warm and breezy and rather humid, exactly what is expected for April 7th. the photo below is of one of the many rivers running through Fort Lauderdale…this one goes past the Tennis Club.

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