Sunny Beautiful Day in Bavaria; Into the Final

When the sun shines Tegernsee is gorgeous. I hit early in Bad Weisse today with Heidi E and then had about 2 1/2 hours before my match, so I walked down towards the lake and found a really nice walking path. It was so nice and quiet and peaceful down there. The water here is really clear too. The lake is rimmed with mountains…it’s a hiking area in summer and a ski area in winter, so the topography is interesting.

I played my match against a Czech lefty, Vera Spackova. I also played her in Karlovy Vary. She got a little discouraged this time and didn’t play her best. We finished around 12:30, at which time I was trying to figure out how to best get back to my hotel which was too far to walk. I was thinking of taking a bus when Heidi arrived and said we had doubles at 2pm! As of this morning there was no doubles draw or time posted. In fact one our our opponents, Bridget Harrer had already said good by to me as she’d gone by the club at 10am and since there was no 60s draw posted, decided to go home. So we won by default and play the final tomorrow. Doubles doesn’t take a back seat to singles here, it rides in the trunk!

bad weisse ctstennis balls wilsonlake at bad weisseclear water


I play another Czech player, Olga Markova again tomorrow in the final. Last week I played her first round. I’m ready to sprint after drop shots tomorrow.

When I got back to my hotel, I took a bike ride to the store then along the lake at the Rottach side of the lake. It was really nice and also quite peaceful and quiet. The water looked pretty inviting too, and at one beach there were quite a few people in the water.

    rottach with boat

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  1. Would have really enjoyed a doubles match this afternoon, and had I known there was the remotest possibility of it taking place this pm I would definitely have stayed. I was back home in under 3 hrs. Enjoy your match against Olga tomorrow and safe travels on Sunday.

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