Sunny Friday in Mt Tremblant; Singles Champion

Today was the nicest of the week, with no rain, and a warm sunny afternoon.

I played Camille Lafortune in the final and won 60 60. She was very nice and we had some good points. We had an umpire, but he called no lines and didn’t reverse even obvious errors (my opponent played some out first serves). He did however, call the score and make announcements in French and English!


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Players from the US were few but did well here, winning the men’s 65 (Michael Beautyman) & 75 (Nick Ourusoff) and finishing second in the 55s (Sumner Chase); winning women’s 35 (MJ Pachl), 55 (Carolyn Nichols) and 75 (Burnett Herrick). In doubles US players won the women’s 35 (Nichols/Pachl), 65 (Herrick/Dorothy Wasser) and Michael Beautyman was a 65 doubles finalist. MJ also won the mixed for a sweep of the event. The mixed was close, MJ and her partner dropped the first set, won the second 61 and then won the match tiebreak 10-7.


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Burnett Herrick played a great match today to beat Roz King 67 64 62. She was way down in the first, 51 or 52, but made some great gets of Roz’s wicked drop shots and hit hard and deep, then frequently came forward to finish the point at net, where she had a big wingspan. Roz just said that Burnett played great. Roz and Judith Smith finished second in the 65 doubles.


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There was an interesting semifinal men’s 35 match. One guy was very upset when overruled on a baseline call; threw his racquet, asked for the main referee etc; the referee backed his umpire; his opponent remained calm and won and the umpire said if he gave the guy a warning he thought he’d explode. All in a day’s play for the seniors, and hopefully all forgotten by now.

Mark Pepin is one of the more colorful Canadians, very friendly. He brought his leftovers to the club and managed to get the cook at the golf snack bar to heat them up for him!

The prize for winning the doubles was a Mt Tremblant hat; for winning singles it was $100 Canadian dollars for each age division (I think it was all the same).

Off the airport early tomorrow so I need to wrap this up; next stop Baden Baden.


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  1. Congratulations to you and what a treat to hear about all the players who also won in the tournament in sunny Mt. Tremblant. Great to see Roz, Burnett, and Dorothy. Sounds like another fun event. Thanks for another wonderful report. Life is indeed good!.

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