Beating the Rain in Mt. Tremblant

I was one of the lucky ones today, since I got in both my matches. My singles was scheduled for 10, but it started drizzling, then really raining, lightly, but hard enough for the lines to get slippery. We ended up starting just before 11, and finished by 11:30. It started raining hard just as we finished grooming the court. I won 60 60 and so advanced to the final, winning my round robin group. I thought I would play Madeline Berube in the final, since she beat Camille Lafortune 62 62 yesterday and Camille beat the third woman in the group 60 60. However Madeline didn’t make it here on time; she was staying a couple of hours away and it was raining where she was, so she didn’t drive over. She was defaulted and so Camille won the group and we play tomorrow at 1pm.

Play was then delayed till 1pm. We were playing a final but got permission to play it without a chair umpire. MJ Pachl, my doubles partner, had 2 mixed doubles matches scheduled and our opponents had mixed doubles scheduled later also, so everyone wanted to get going. We played in a light drizzle, that became pretty heavy (along with the balls). MJ and I won 62 62 against the #2 seeds, Suzie McCollough and Lorraine Miller. MJ played well and it was fun to play doubles. Lorraine is lefty with some nice touch and Suzie had good positioning and nice volleys too.Below, MJ and me, Mt Tremblant Cup/Regional Closed doubles champions.


I left after singles since it was starting to rain hard. I went back for the informal cocktail party they had from 5-7 with cheese and veggies and each player was given a voucher for a drink from the bar.

I had dinner with the tournament director Jacques Brunelle and the director of tennis, Andre Lemaire. They are trying hard to make the tournament a good one. They have a lot of experience running nationals, but not with running a seniors Grade B1. They are listening hard to the players which is great.

I walked into Old Tremblant after dinner. It’s a touristy village. It was much busier tonight. There’s a big triathalon this weekend and I think some of the participants have arrived, either that or they are here for a long weekend.

Here are a few photos of the town.


Mt Tremblant (1) Mt Tremblant (2) Mt Tremblant (6)  Mt Tremblant (10)

Tomorrow should be sunnier and I’m hoping to take the gondola up the mountain and get some nice photos, and perhaps do some biking (after I buy some bug spray…I sprayed everything but my hair and under my shirt; so I have bites in my hair and through my shirt from mosquitos or black flies. There aren’t really all that many bugs though. Just a few, but their bites are annoying!

Bon soir.

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