Sunny Tuesday in La Jolla

The sun came out and so did the seeds in La Jolla today….play heated up in the round of 16. Toni Novack, a 5th seed in the 60s battled for 2 1/2 hours before subduing Carolee Hammel 63 in the third. The most hotly anticipated match of the day was Molly Hahn, the 3rd seed and Cathie Anderson, a dangerous floater. Anderson served for the match in the third, but Hahn prevailed 7-5 in the third in a battle of the beautiful backhands. Sandy Cooper upset Cindy Babb and the rest of the 60 seeds advanced without trouble.

In the 50s, all seeds advanced in straight sets; in the 70s the round of 32 continued. Sheila Weinstock was given a tough test by Grace Woo, but she eventually won 76 (5) 63.

Tomorrow is the barbecue, so I should have some photos, but our doubles is scheduled late, 4:30….

I won today against Canada’s Cora Wills 62 61. She was scrappy and fast. She said a lot of Canadians are coming down for the Seniors World Championships here next year. For her, this was the first US national championship she’s played. She picked a good one.

In doubles, Kathy Vick and I won again, against Susan Dent and Miki Shintani of San Diego, 62 61,though Miki hit the shot of the day, a terrific running backhand angle winner. Tomorrow we play Lynn Ellis from this area and another Canadian, from Toronto, Erin Boynton. They are a tall team and will present a real challenge.

Lots of good matches tomorrow…Kathy Vick/Susan Love, I play Tina Karwasky; Novack vs Hahn; Kathy Barnes and Sue Bramlette; Dori deVries and Roz King in the round of 16 in the 70s.

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