Super Senior Cup Teams, Umag, 2016: Players & Cup Information, Draws, Photos

The 2016 ITF Super Seniors World Team Championships are taking place from September 12-17 in Umag, Croatia. The ITF Seniors World Individual Championships will be held the 18-25 of September, also in Umag. The event is taking place on red clay.

Draws for Individuals Now Posted

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Sue Bramlette Blogs from Croatia for USA Kitty Godfree Cup Team

Brenda Carter Blogs from Croatia for Althea Gibson Cup Team

  1. Sunday: USA Seeded #1 in Godfree, Queens, Hart & Grant Cups;
  2. Monday: USA Advances in Seven Cups
  3. Tuesday: USA Undefeated Tuesday in Umag
  4. Wednesday: USA Advances to Medal Rounds in Six of Eight Cups
  5. Thursday: USA Advances in Men’s 65; Remains in Medal Contention in Four Cups
  6. Friday: USA Reaches Queens & Hart Cup Final; Rain Stops Play

Age Divisions Women’s Cups Draws Men’s Cups Draws Other Info
65 Kitty Godfree USA is in Group A
USA is in 1-4
Britannia USA is in Group D
USA is in 1-4
Photos of USA teams and from Umag
70 Althea Gibson USA is in Group D
USA is in 5-8
Jack Crawford USA is in Group B
USA is in 7-12
List of all USA players
75 Queens USA is in Group A
USA is in 1-4
Bitsy Grant USA is in Group C
USA is in 1-6
Draws for Individuals
80 Doris Hart USA is in Group A
USA is in 1-4
Gardnar Mulloy USA is in Group A
USA is in 1-4
Sue Bramlette Blog

ITF Information:

Photos will be added as I receive them.

The USTA reselected their Super Senior Cup teams in July and announced them  The new teams are:


*As of 7/18/2016 (click here for any updates).

Photos and update on USTA Site.

Britannia Cup – Men’s 65

Sivertson, DavePadg Bolton Ruffin, Doug Wofford, Lenny


  1. David Sivertson, Addison, TX
  2. Padg Bolton, Monroe, LA (Captain)
  3. Doug Ruffin, Fort Collins, CO
  4. Leonard Wofford, Portland, OR

Jack Crawford Cup – Men’s 70

Michael Beautyman Buck, Les Ponte, Felix-001Jody Rush

  1. Les Buck, Asheville, NC (Captain)
  2. Michael Beautyman, Flourtown, PA
  3. Felix Ponte, Apache Junction, AZ
  4. Jody Rush, Tumwater, WA

Bitsy Grant Cup – Men’s 75

Joe Bachmann Rudy HernandoBarbic, Ivo Hagleshaw, Frank

  1. Joseph Bachmann, Sarasota, FL (Captain)
  2. Rudy Hernando, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  3. Ivo Barbic, Atlanta, GA
  4. Frank Hagelshaw, East Jordan, MI

Gardnar Mulloy Cup – Men’s 80

Lester Sack King Van Nostrand Gordon Hammes M80JB Hayes

  1. Lester Sack, New Orleans, LA
  2. King Van Nostrand, Vero Beach, FL
  3. Gordon Hammes, Naples, FL (Captain)
  4. Jerald Hayes, Westfield, IN

Kitty Godfree Cup – Women’s 65

Novack, ToniHahn, Molly Sue BramletteIMG_1573

  1. Toni Novack, Charlotte, NC
  2. Molly Hahn, Belmont, MA (Captain)
  3. Kathy Barnes, San Jose, CA
  4. Susan Bramlette, Houston, TX

Althea Gibson Cup – Women’s 70

Brenda Carter  Betty WachobCathie AndersonKimball, Sue

  1. Brenda Carter, Charleston, SC (Captain)
  2. Betty Wachob, Panama City, FL
  3. Cathie Anderson, Del Mar, CA
  4. Susan Kimball, Oak Bluffs, MA

Queens’ Cup – Women’s 75

Donna Fales Hillebrand, Charleen  Suella Steel Sheila Weinstock

  1. Donna Fales, Coral Gables, FL
  2. Charleen Hillebrand, Harbor City, CA
  3. Suella Steel, La Jolla, CA
  4. Sheila Weinstock, Framingham, MA (Captain)

Doris Hart Cup – Women’s 80

Herrick, Burnette smith, judith starred photos 2-6-2015 12-02-29 PMHill, Betty

  1. Burnett Herrick, Tarboro, NC
  2. Judy Smith, Brookline, MA
  3. Carol Wood, Rockville, MD (Captain)
  4. Betty Hill, Burr Ridge, IL

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  6. When I was speaking to the USA Britannia Cup Captain on Monday after the match between Ireland and USA- Padg Bolton, he asked me if I knew a friend of his in the States who emigrated from Ireland over 30 years ago. His name is Wilson Campbell. Of course I knew him quite well. Wilson came from Bangor Northern Ireland and was a leading junior in Ireland, where tennis is played on an all Ireland basis of course. He qualified after a playoff with Des Hill to represent Ireland at junior Wimbledon. That must have been in the late 60s. Subsequently he became a fine senior player and was particularly noted for his doubles play, his partner being a very talented player called Ollie Swain.
    Wilson has a sister called Susan, still living in NI I think.

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