Super Senior Cups, Lake Nona: Surface Announcement




After receiving feedback from players and national associations the surface for all Cups in Lake Nona (M/W 65-80 & M85) is projected to be HarTru (green) clay.

However, the USTA reserves the right to play matches if necessary (due to rain or other circumstances) on Plexicushion (cushioned) hard courts in order to complete this competition.  



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  2. I guess it’s a good thing I’m not playing competitively anymore. I still feel for the many seniors who will be ruled out because it makes no sense to play hard courts at that age for many of us. I won’t even teach on hard courts anymore. Just not good for the knees and back. Congrats to those with better genes!

    • Michelle, you need to go to and go to the “contact us” page:
      I believe the deadline for entering teams in Lake Nona has not passed, but you need to ask the ITF directly. The country must be part of the ITF and the national governing body (for the USA it’s the USTA) must approve entry of the team. But again, please contact the ITF for more information.

  3. WOW! Super Seniors on hardcourt! There will be some sore Aussie bodies. Better catch a plane to Melbourne to practice!

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