Super Senior Individual Championships: Friday, Doubles Finalists

Busy day Friday: Doubles final, then a flight to California in the evening!

Draws and results are here.

We played the doubles final at 10:30 am. The 65 & 70 women’s singles finalists were given a second rest day Friday (meanwhile, Donna Fales, 81, was scheduled to play three finals back to back to back on Friday!). We learned late Thursday (7:45pm) about our doubles start time of 10:30am. This was a bit problematic since I had dropped off my racquets for stringing Thursday afternoon, thinking that we would have an afternoon match and I could pick them up at 10am. Fortunately I had one more racquet, which ended up being fine, since our doubles final was quick!

We played Susan Wright and Pat Medrado. They played a flawless match to annihilate us. Too good! This was their third win together I think…at least their third win in which I was one of their victims!

Lane, Nichols, Medrado, Wright

Other notable results:

  • I guess the reason Donna Fales could play three times in a day is that she’s just so much better than everyone else! She won the 80 singles title over Heide Orth who just aged up 60 60. Then followed that with a 61 60 win (with Orth) over Cathie Anderson/Charleen Hillebrand; and then won yet another 60 set in mixed with Fred Drilling before playing a competitive 2nd set against Dori DeVries (85)/Wilbur Jones, 64. Congratulations to Donna! And to her doubles/mixed partners.
  • Roz King beat Dori DeVries 64 62 to win the 85 singles.
  • King van Nostrand beat Albery Lyle USA to add to his record setting ITF individual championship total, in a match tiebreak, 64 16 10-7. He is aptly named. A king on the court and a very nice gentleman off the court.
  • Jan Kirkland-Cochran, USA won two titles on Friday, mixed with Danny Carlson over Sue Jamieson NZL/Bruce Barrett USA 5,2; and with Tina Karwasky crushed Jamieson/Reinhilde Adams (GER) 1,1.
  • Carolann Castell/Sue Kimball won the 75 doubles 3,1 over Carol Gay USA/Petro Kruger RSA
  • George McCabe USA edged Henri Crochet FRA to win the 90 singles.
  • Len Wofford/Paul Wulf continued their doubles success in the 70s, beating Dan Grossman USA/Andrew Rae AUS 76 41 ret.
  • Drilling/Michael Stewart USA beat Karel Placek/George Balch USA in the men’s 80s final. 64 63.
  • In men’s 70s, Rolf Thing NED beat Bob Litwin USA 6,2 and Keith Porter, CAN beat Dave Sivertson USA 64 11 ret.
  • USA’s Geoff Moore won the 75 singles over Jorge Camina Borda ES:P 1-0 ret.
  • Benedicte LeGrand/Marc Renault FRA beat Jenny Cerff/Jacob Klaussen RSA in a rare final which featured no USA players!
  • In an all French final, Sylvie Galfard beat Gail Benedetti to win the 75 singles
  • Benedetti and Jairo Velasco, ESP won the 75 mixed over Frances MacClennan/Richard Tutt GBR
  • In men’s 65s, it will be Mark Vines, who ended Max Buycyx’ run; he will face Glenn Busby, AUS in the final. Busby took out Kaisserian of France with the loss of a game.
  • Glenn and Mark are in the doubles final against Wayne Pascoe/Steve Dance AUS too.

So onto the seniors Individual Championships in Palm Beach Gardens and no more commuting.

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