Super Senior USA Teams Off to Turkey

The USA Super Senior Cups are off to Turkey on October 19th. They will be arriving on the 20th, a Friday, and practicing on the 21st and 22nd for the ITF Super Senior International Team Championships.
You can follow their results by going to this site:
There will also be updates on the progress of the American teams on the USTA web site:
I will be in Turkey following the men’s 60/70/80 teams and the women’s 60/70/75 teams. Carol Wood will also be in Turkey at both sites, and initially will be following the men’s 65/75 and women’s 65 teams.
USA is the defending champion in the men’s 60/70/80 and women’s 70/75 divisions.
I will be updating this site with anectdotal information as often as possible.

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